Herman Martinez – Immortal Jellyfish

Herman Martinez – Immortal Jellyfish – Album Review I’ve got more faith in Herman Martinez kicking all the ass than most of ya out there, and do I think he’s gonna go on to slay a full lineup of eighteen tracks?  Heck NO!  That’s no slight against him, believe me – it’s simply the odds […]Read More

February 2022 Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

A thing we do with your music!  Surprised?  You shouldn’t be – we’ve been rocking the SBS Secret Stash for well over a year + change now…yet here we are, and you’re just learning about it.  That’s the internet for ya folks…one big lethargic lack of support & giant black hole of anonymity.  Anyhow – […]Read More

September Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

It is official!  And it only took NINE months y’all – but we found our top 20 people of all time for sure. Not artists, not bands – people!  The whole twenty on this planet that were brave enough to admit they like independent music and subscribe to our channel – they’re phenomenal right?  I […]Read More

SBS Podcast 132

We’ve got the juice, the spark, the energy, and the innovative tunes you wanna hear on this week’s episode of the SBS Podcast – come check it out!  We’ll be spinning songs by Nova Cascade, Crow Eats Man, Carl Anderson, Jeffrey Aaron And The Blurples, Morrow’s Memory, and Lielack – and we’ll be hitting up […]Read More

Herman Martinez – Continuity Errors

Herman Martinez – Continuity Errors – Album Review Ladies and gentlemen…The Hermanator returns! An album two years in the making?  Aren’t we supposed to measure the shaft from the back of the balls?  I was sure that’s how it was done…if it’s not, damn am I in trouble.  Anyhow – by my count it’s been […]Read More

SBS Podcast 045

Of course we’re bringing it!  New episode of the SBS Podcast that’ll take ya from electro all the way to rock in just ten easy steps – sign up now! Your ears will thank you for it.   Your official lineup for episode 045 includes: David Stephenson – “The Electronic Woodpecker” The Boxes – “Angels […]Read More

SBS Podcast 037

The lineup is stocked full of tunes to keep you warm this winter and the volume turned up on your stereo! Check out tracks from Melonvine, fAlterboy, Eleven Dollar Bills, The Future Exes, Jigsaw Man, 1FM and S.e Elliott & That Awful Rhythm, in addition to brand-new cuts from Dave’s Neck and Herman Martinez + […]Read More

Herman Martinez – Secret Doors Hidden Stairs: Season II

Herman Martinez – Secret Doors Hidden Stairs: Season II – Album Review Some artists and bands out there can really inspire you with the journey their music is on – creative genius and solo-artist Herman Martinez is one such person.  Early on in 2016, I checked out a record he put out called Solopsi Radio […]Read More

Herman Martinez – Solopsi Radio

Herman Martinez – Solopsi Radio – Album Review Welcome to the verifiable musical-mind & mayhem of Herman Martinez…which, for those that don’t know would be something similar to a full-on maze or labyrinth of sorts; mired in the dark-sludge and grind of a real grunge-rock sound…the music on Solopsi Radio is intense, heavy in sound […]Read More