FZY – Act 2: Frozen Youth

FZY – Act 2: Frozen Youth – Album Review FZY…back up in the heezy for the second time in 2019zy y’all…let’s do this. It was just back in February this year that we experienced the furthering of this maniacal & mysterious man of words, on FZY’s last record The Bunny And The Cub.  As was […]Read More

SBS Podcast 072

Taking you from one side of the musical universe to the other – we got a double-episode special for ya, loaded with tunes & inspiration you KNOW you want, need, and crave for the upcoming summer.  Brand-new music in the mix from School Friends, Justin Llamas, and Mystah Spaulding featuring Grim Singmuf & SK The […]Read More

FZY – The Bunny And The Cub

FZY – The Bunny And The Cub – Album Review If you read these pages on the regular and have a heartbeat & a pulse still, you’re probably familiar with the name FZY by now and get the full picture on how excited I’ve been about this dude’s music from the first time I heard […]Read More

SBS Podcast 062

Back in action for the first time since last year and ready to surge forward with the independent music-scene once again in 2019!  Rap & Hip-Hop have been stepping out of the gate with authority this year and settin’ off playlists with strong efforts from a whole posse of new emcees steppin’ up.  This show […]Read More

FZY – “Compatability – Voice Of Treason”

FZY – “Compatability – Voice Of Treason” – Single Review Way back when I started things up here at SBS, I had the honest intentions of being able to remember each and every artist/band I’ve ever worked with.  Keep in mind, even attempting to do something like that over the years to follow is going […]Read More

SBS Podcast 020

15 amazing tunes from the independent music-scene that we discovered over 2016…all released as singles & technically weren’t eligible for our annual contest for Best New Sound – but they certainly still get recognized here on our show for the amazing contribution they made to music last year! And besides that…all that awesomeness makes for […]Read More

SBS Podcast 009

Another incredible episode filled with music that has true PERSPECTIVE out there in the independent-scene!  We’ll talk about that, take a moment or two to figure out when to get political, and of course feature all kinds of incredible music from far & wide!  We’ll go even further to prove that in this episode as […]Read More

FZY – “Whatever Waits Above”

FZY – “Whatever Waits Above” – Single Review From the upcoming record called Act 1: Exposition being released officially on July 16th – rapper/hip-hop/spoken-word artist FZY is floating the haunting & twisted stream of consciousness track called “Whatever Waits Above” ahead of the game to test the waters and see what the reaction is like.  […]Read More