SBS Reader-Vote For Best New Sound 2017 Is Open!

Welcome to the official SBS Reader-Vote, where we turn the controls over to YOU in efforts to help us determine the BEST NEW SOUND of 2017.  All albums & EPs submitted from December 2016 through to the end of November 2017 were considered for this year’s list – and out of the hundreds we reviewed, […]Read More

SBS Podcast 038

A killer lineup of tunes including all the bands/artists from our top-10 list for you to hear before the upcoming reader-vote from Dec. 15th-30th! Check out tunes from: Dazor, Eon MC Etc., J Speed, Paul The Trombonist, Sam & The Black Seas, Sienná, Smoking Martha, Vaultry, Victory Fires and Yellow Paper Planes from this year’s […]Read More

SBS Best New Sound 2017 Nominations – Eon MC Etc.

SBS Best New Sound Nominations Day Three: Eon MC Etc. With his new record, Southern L.O., rapper/hip-hop artist Eon MC Etc. took his whole game to that next level.  In a display of verbal-brilliance, style & skill, he put the work in and got the results on his new album, creating songs that were just […]Read More

Eon MC Etc. – Southern L.O.

Eon MC Etc. – Southern L.O. – Album Review United Statements presents Eon MC Etc.’s new record Southern L.O. – and for that, we thank them.  Seriously…all hands/ears on-deck and involved…anyone from a head nod of approval to professional assistance…you all deserve a round of applause for bringing Southern L.O. to fruition.  Full-props of course […]Read More

Eon MC Etc. & Adduci – Fighting Demons

Eon MC Etc. & Adduci – Fighting Demons – Album Review First time I had actually heard this new record presented by United Statements…I listened from the Soundcloud page.  Why is that important, you ask?  Well…sometimes pushing play there can give you mixed results in terms of how a record might flow – and in […]Read More

Eon MC Etc. & The Libra – Race Music

Eon MC Etc. & The Libra – Race Music – EP Review What IS this and where did it come from?  For some reason…I feel like I was genuinely surprised by the crystalline-quality production and innovative rhymes & charismatic charm of the R&B sounds on the Race Music EP from Eon MC Etc. & The […]Read More