Christopher T – “Break It Down 4 Me”

Official Press Release Christopher T Raises The Stakes With “Break It Down 4 Me” – New Single Available April 10th! Back in action early on in 2020 with his powerfully stylistic sound on-point and an electrifying new single called “Break It Down 4 Me” designed to kick this year into gear, master mixologist Christopher T […]Read More

SBS Podcast 084

Let’s all celebrate the fact that the Christmas tunes are packed away for another sweet, sweet eleven months or so, and turn up some real tunes for the new year! We’ll be talking about the artist Prymrr on the show today, in addition to spinning cuts from The Brilliance, Olga Solar, Correigh, Echoofmyvoice, Nomadic Attic, […]Read More

Christopher T & Mr. V – “The Perfect Plan”

Christopher T & Mr. V – “The Perfect Plan” – Single Review Lovely Drops recording artist and musical multi-talent Christopher T is back in the house y’all!  A brand-new hypnotic electro rhythm & groove for you all to move to, “The Perfect Plan” is about to be hatched this summer to pull you onto the […]Read More

Christopher T & Tommie Cotton – “Funkin’ For Jamaica”

Christopher T & Tommie Cotton – “Funkin’ For Jamaica” – Single Review Here we go! This new single/cover-tune from the collaboration between Christopher T & Tommie Cotton is the kind of song that makes it worth staying up at all hours to listen to something new. “Funkin’ For Jamaica” was originally recorded by American Jazz […]Read More

Christopher T & Tommie Cotton – “Dance Floor Calls”

Christopher T & Tommie Cotton – “Dance Floor Calls” – Single Review Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…CT & TC walk into a bar… It’s not just the clever initials between these two that’ll catch your attention and they’re certainly no joke – together, Christopher T & Tommie Cotton have found a collaboration […]Read More

Christopher T – “Do It Again (Better Dayz)”

Christopher T – “Do It Again (Better Dayz)” – Single Review Excellent uplifting energy on Christopher T’s exciting new electro-groove called “Do It Again (Better Dayz)” – I feel like I’ve had this track on repeat all night long here!  Mind you, I’ve been bouncing back & forth between two versions of the new-single…so that […]Read More

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