Christopher T & Tommie Cotton – “Dance Floor Calls”

 Christopher T & Tommie Cotton – “Dance Floor Calls”

Christopher T & Tommie Cotton – “Dance Floor Calls” – Single Review

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…CT & TC walk into a bar…

It’s not just the clever initials between these two that’ll catch your attention and they’re certainly no joke – together, Christopher T & Tommie Cotton have found a collaboration that works.  Between the strong instincts of electro-artist Christopher T and the powerful dynamics that Tommie Cotton brings to the vocals, they’ve certainly stumbled into a collaborative combination that stands-out strongly.

Last time I heard Christopher T’s music was just earlier this year…he was one of the artists of 2017 that came out of the gate ready to make this year his year.  With his single “Do It Again (Better Daze),” I was happy with what I had heard and certainly found no reasons to turn it off – but admittedly, I was still searching for that additional ingredient that might help the music stand-out just 10% more than it was.  While I’m always somewhat reluctant to suggest to an instrumental/electro artist that vocals might be the best way to achieve that…well…Tommie Cotton kind of makes it hard not to support that idea, doesn’t she?  What a voice!  Stunning, powerful, committed, cool & confident – I have a sneaking suspicion that Tommie isn’t just a perfect addition to Christopher’s music…she’d likely be a key-element or feature guest wherever she ends up grabbing the microphone or shining brightly in any collaboration.  That is a voice that singers long to have…the kind of authentic & genuine sound that you just can’t duplicate.

All that being said…even the brightest of stars still needs a solid cut to work with in order to really do their thang, know what I mean?  Credit to Christopher T for making another lively electro-cut that has a ton of energy & flow to its every move; produced, performed and assembled perfectly – the music is the perfect springboard for Tommie C to jump off from and take this track to the heights it ends up reaching.  Depending on your own personal taste…their new single “Dance Floor Calls” has both a radio-version and an original…and I’d say if you lean a bit more towards the electro-side, check out the original version of the song, which allows for more expansion on the ideas in the music from Christopher T.  Nothing wrong with the radio-version at all, just takes it in a slightly different direction structurally-speaking – it’s been tightened-up to suit the shorter-requirements for radio and gets more quickly to the vocals & then sticks with them to guide the song.  In either of its forms, you get a full-dose of the electrified-energy you’ll discover in this collaboration – that I can assure you of; there’s merit in both mixes…I started out digging the radio-version at first and ended up finding out that more of a good thing wasn’t a bad thing at all in the expanded original mix.  I could make an argument for both versions as to why they’re solid tunes in their different mixes, but the bottom line is that I didn’t feel like one stood-out any more than the other did – I highly enjoyed them both.

Credit also to the Lovely Drops record label…I’d consider this to be at least a three-for-three checkmarks in the win column for what’s been sent our way from Christopher T’s solo-work, to DJ Serafin, to this latest one from Christopher T & Tommie Cotton – each time something gets sent out, they’ve got something wildly vibrant going-on and my ears appreciate it!  “Dance Floor Calls” highlights another solid move in the right direction for Christopher’s music…I think he’s plenty entertaining on his own but definitely think this collaboration with Tommie added-in that extra piece of the puzzle he’s searching for.  Whether it’s Tommie (hopefully!) in the future, or another artist…those added vocals really counted here on “Dance Floor Calls” and elevated the entire track to that next-level where it’ll make the memorable impact on listeners that the music deserves – I’d certainly encourage Christopher T to continue to branch-out like this and explore even more collaborations in the future.  “Dance Floor Calls” is a great electro-tune filled with stunning, well-mixed sound and soaring, bold vocals; it moves, it grooves…and between the two artists involved, they give you every reason to turn this right up.  Officially being released on June 2nd, 2017 – mark that date electro-fans and make sure to get your ears around this energized new cut from Christopher T & Tommie Cotton!

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