SBS Podcast 049

What an entire variety of all-out awesomeness on today’s show! We get right into details on what’s happening with the Atratune project – AND what’s goin’ on in the debut of Hip-Hop artist SUMiT – AND an interview with Roman Kharkovsky – AND tunes from each and every one of them plus MORE? All in […]Read More

Ced Wynez – Blood On The Church Steps

Ced Wynez – Blood On The Church Steps – EP Review Mr. Ced Wynez!  Homie!  It has been a minute or two! Time & perspective has treated this emcee extraordinarily well.  It was roughly like…what…three-plus years since we last heard from Wynez, when we reviewed his album The Rebellion, back at the end of 2014.  […]Read More

Yooda – Hiroshima

Yooda – Hiroshima – Album Review With explosive, in-your-face rhymes and gigantic beats, our homie Yooda is about to drop the bomb – welcome to Hiroshima.  The beginning of this record says it all, “Enola Gay” references the first plane to ever drop the atomic-bomb…so if that tells you anything about the ambitions of this […]Read More

Yooda – Latent Status

Yooda – Latent Status – Album Review One might think that the last thing someone would want would be a crusty old white dude like me that looks like a garden gnome 10/12th’s of the year to understand everything about where they’re coming from in their music. Heartbreak…sure, I can relate. The struggle to become […]Read More

Ced Wynez – The Rebellion

Ced Wynez – The Rebellion – Album Review Luda? Is that you? From the ATL direct, comes a new album stuffed full of low-end beats and aggressive rhymes delivered in a tricky flow, courtesy of Ced Wynez. With his excellence in precision and rapping on-point, this young rapper/producer has been creating music for nearly a […]Read More

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