Brannon – Heartbreak Is Misery

Brannon – Heartbreak Is Misery – Album Review We might have a tale of two halves here… For an album called Heartbreak Is Misery, it sure starts on an uplifting track called “We Are Powerful.”  If you were expecting something that resembled the kind of “Misery” something like Soul Asylum produced back in the day, […]Read More

Radio Fly – “I’m The Best” Feat. R Reed

Radio Fly – “I’m The Best” Feat. R Reed – Single Review “Got these haters out here stressed!” I certainly ain’t hatin’ today…so consider me as cool as the cucumber you know me to be.  I like what I hear in this single quite a bit really…I think I’m off the hook stress-wise…though I will […]Read More

Brannon – Everyday Heroes

Brannon – Everyday Heroes – Album Review Some people are just born with a gift of understanding songwriting & knowing where to find the melody at the heart of it all…and Brannon has definitely proven to be one of those artists with that level of natural talent throughout the years.  You’ll hear it for yourself […]Read More

Brannon – “On My Way”

Ever since I started listening to Brannon’s music back in 2017 when reviewing his record called The Road Less Traveled, I’ve always had a deep respect for his songwriting and a genuine admiration for the execution in his craft overall.  It’d be pretty tough to listen to a Brannon tune and not come to the […]Read More

Brannon – “I Die Again”

Brannon – “I Die Again” – Single Review Alrighty…so…kind of a strange cut to review in a way. Technically, according to the notes I’ve got here, “I Die Again” dates back about thirteen years…according to Brannon himself, it was the second song he’d written & was proud of…and yet somehow…well…I suppose it sat on the […]Read More

Brannon – “I’ll Be Here Waiting” Featuring J LyriKal

Brannon – “I’ll Be Here Waiting” Featuring J LyriKal – Single Review Welcome to a collaboration that completely hits the mark. In some ways, I felt like I shouldn’t have been surprised by that…you’d likely agree if you’ve checked out Brannon’s last record The Road Less Traveled, which certainly put his songwriting ability on full-display […]Read More

SBS Podcast 041

A lineup full of great singers, songwriters & bands of all kinds – you know what to expect from us at the SBS Podcast! Stockpiled with information on the latest in what’s happening out there in the independent music-scene, including details on new albums from the John Sellers Band and Andy Michaels.   Your official […]Read More

Brannon – The Road Less Traveled

Brannon – The Road Less Traveled – Album Review When you look at Brannon’s social media and find Daughtry, Bruce Springsteen, Def Leppard & Bon Jovi in the ‘artists we also like’ section, that’ll tell you something instantly.  Or it should anyhow…it definitely tells me something.  You can infer big, bold, imagery-laden & powerful songwriting […]Read More