Brannon – “I’ll Be Here Waiting” Featuring J LyriKal

 Brannon – “I’ll Be Here Waiting” Featuring J LyriKal

Brannon – “I’ll Be Here Waiting” Featuring J LyriKal – Single Review

Welcome to a collaboration that completely hits the mark.

In some ways, I felt like I shouldn’t have been surprised by that…you’d likely agree if you’ve checked out Brannon’s last record The Road Less Traveled, which certainly put his songwriting ability on full-display for all to hear amongst an entire series of songs that were assembled stunningly well.  So there’s definitely no reason to doubt the man…he knows what’s up when it comes to putting a song together.  That being said, what was surprising, was to hear how much of a twist on his style/sound has taken place in between the last time we’ve heard him and now – “I’ll Be Here Waiting” is decidedly different than what we’ve heard from Brannon on the last album…and as much as I might have enjoyed that record, there’s no doubt in my mind whatsoever that making a move this bold was a really great idea.

Alright…so…let’s get you some details you should know about.  First off, the new single “I’ll Be Here Waiting” from Brannon featuring J LyriKal is officially released in just a couple days-time on June 15th – and if you’re looking for a seriously single-worthy cut to fill a spot on your playlists out there, you’ll wanna circle that date.  Or you know, better yet, just stay awake until the official release to be the first in line to get it…no judgments from me, I’d understand.  When the end results come out shining like this single does, it’s worth it to make that time to listen…so however you wanna approach that, it’s fine with me…just do the right thing and make sure you check this song out.  Working on the inside of a concept that Brannon put forth, he provides the flawless vocals in the main hooks of the song while J LyriKal holds the bars in the verses down like you wouldn’t believe.  I’m being real with you of course – but I’m still just another guy with an opinion on music and there’s no reason TO believe me – you should always listen for yourselves just to make sure I’m being on the level.  June 15th people, June 15th – be ready!

There’s simply not a solitary second that’s wasted on “I’ll Be Here Waiting” – and when you hear just how balanced & focused idea is from all hands involved, you’ll come to the same conclusion I have, that this is remarkable.  The music produced by Dansonn is pure audio perfection, the mix from long-time collaborator Matty Harris is as spot-on as the incredible sound he helped surface on Brannon’s last record The Road Less Traveled.  And as awesome as all their hard-work and effort truly IS – most people out there might not even hear it when you consider how strong the personalities, vocals, and themes are up in the front of this song.  Musically, “I’ll Be Here Waiting” insightfully blends subtle-chill and a flawless beat together that definitely puts the mood into the atmosphere for Brannon & J LyriKal to fuel the inspiration of the heavy emotional-themes that run through this new song – but maximizes the entire experience by keeping the focus shining on the charismatic vocals & deep lyricism.  In other words, the closer you listen, the more you’ll notice just how important and crucial the vibe of the music is to the song overall, but your ears are likely to notice the dynamic performances of the song’s two main stars for the most part on those first couple spins through…then likely shift their focus to the lyrics.  No matter how you personally experience listening to “I’ll Be Here Waiting” – it all adds up positively.

If anything, even after already being impressed with every move these guys have made, it was that patient revealing of the real story at work on “I’ll Be Here Waiting” that probably hit home hardest.  I think that…well…first of all, I think that BOTH Brannon and J LyriKal literally joined forces to create the words to this song by really digging deep into the emotional themes it reaches into – but what impressed me most perhaps, beyond anything else, was how boldly objective the lyrics became.  “I’ll Be Here Waiting” is a tale of love, heartbreak, loss, relationship-struggles…but all approached from a very real perspective that OWNS these feelings, thoughts, and actions presented in the words.  Brannon’s hooks are incredibly powerful when you get to the ultimate conclusion of what this song is really all about, making those subsequent listens even more rewarding.  In many ways, “I’ll Be Here Waiting” is the ultimate apology…you could also look at it as the ultimate life-sentence…doomed to love from afar, but recognizing that no matter how far away or what situations have occurred, that the very definition of love in this song is unshakable.  “Love means nothing without you” is the line that kind of says it all really, brought out perfectly by Brannon’s bold vocals…but it’s completely accurate and true for those of us that have been lucky enough to experience love in this lifetime.  When you find it…when you REALLY find it…there’s absolutely nothing else that compares – but more importantly, if you should lose it, it might take you a lifetime to get it back, if that’s even possible.  Through J LyriKal’s verses, he absolutely nails what it’s like to go through these kind of emotions or face these situations in life…he describes in incredible detail, experiences that many of you will be able to relate to…maybe many more of you out there than you might think actually.  He raps with insightful energy through a personal narrative & flow that echoes our own experiences…a bold reminder of sorts that many of our own actions can be selfish, irresponsible, & wreckless…and that these decisions we make can lead to brutal consequences in life & love.  Far too many of us know what it’s like to lose love and the pain you can go through to get it back.  The way that J LyriKal hits these bars is so savagely impressive…certainly through the detail of his words, but recognize that what really brings them to life is just how REAL he makes them through such audible commitment & focus on display.  This wildly skilled emcee puts the work in & writes verses that seriously tackle this whole subject with genuine perspective – an absolutely fantastic pairing with Brannon’s soaring & soulful vocal hooks emphasizing the most important message of the song’s overall theme.

Definite thumbs-up to this effort.  A brilliant collaboration and a song that bridges the gaps between genres while still being unmistakably sincere…the widespread appeal of this song’s sound is the result of dedicated & focused artists at the top of their game putting their heart & soul into their every move.

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