Phil Robinson – “Transcendental Cowboy” (Acoustic)

Phil Robinson – “Transcendental Cowboy” (Acoustic) – Single Review Much respect & love to artist Phil Robinson, who has been doin’ his part to help make the entire scene a better place…and clearly has been for some time now.  He creates tunes on his own solo, he jams out with his band The Bliss Jockeys […]Read More

Tom Adams – “Ghost (Acoustic)”

Tom Adams – you’re a smooth player brother! Seriously dear-readers, dear-listeners, dear fans – check this guy out!  The opening moments of Tom stepping-up to the mic to lay an acapella beat as the foundation to “Ghost (Acoustic)” on-loop will already be enough to convince you that you’re about to check out something special – […]Read More

Silent Stranger – “Something About A Dream (Acoustic)”

Silent Stranger – “Something About A Dream (Acoustic)” – Single Review Whoa! I’m gonna start this review by at the very least assuming that the 53,211 fans supporting the music of Silent Stranger couldn’t all be wrong and can’t all be related. I know I’ve earned your respect through our honest reviews here at sleepingbagstudios…but […]Read More