Silent Stranger – “Something About A Dream (Acoustic)”

 Silent Stranger – “Something About A Dream (Acoustic)”

Silent Stranger – “Something About A Dream (Acoustic)” – Single Review

Whoa! I’m gonna start this review by at the very least assuming that the 53,211 fans supporting the music of Silent Stranger couldn’t all be wrong and can’t all be related. I know I’ve earned your respect through our honest reviews here at sleepingbagstudios…but just take a step back for a moment and picture my situation for what it is sometimes and what kind of death-wish I’d have to have to personally want to tick-off 53,211 fans. No pressure right?

I mean…aside from having 53,211 potential stab-wounds from Silent Stranger fans from all over the globe that is… I’m not even kidding when I say I’m kinda counting on this band to crank-out a solid tune here or my very health & safety could be at risk!

Well…maybe that’s not quite the case. From the gentle-natured sounds & style of Silent Stranger I’m thinking maybe their fans wouldn’t be the type to go on a rampage anytime soon…this is a pretty chill song so I’m going to assume their fans have an equally chill temperament just in case things go south from here. But I’ll fully admit…the acoustic strums and soft, warm-opening of Silent Stranger’s latest single “Something About A Dream (Acoustic)” don’t exactly leave me all that concerned; I think we’re gonna get along just fine.

That being said…I did feel like there were a few moments in the first verses where the lyrics themselves felt slightly too far apart in the metering…nothing too strenuous, but another syllable or two in a few spots would keep some of those shorter words from feeling stretched out too far. But let me make this crystalline-clear for you all – there are many more redeeming qualities working for Silent Stranger in “Something About A Dream (Acoustic)” that check-boxes in the positive column than this tiny nit-pick. For the most part, lead-singer Alida Satalic more than fits the bill with her dreamy, angelic-sound and rich, powerful harmonies…when a tone is that confident and strong in melody, can you really blame me for wanting a couple extra words from her here & there? She sings with a truly impressive approach that is emotionally-empowering…inspiring in its tone and intention through the lyricism; real-words sung with a slight-rasp, sweetened & smoothed-out harmonies and heartfelt, thought-provoking words that many of us would relate to.

I do see up to five members of the band listed in their profiles…but I think we’ve either got Alida all to ourselves or just one other member perhaps for the guitar…maybe a bit of the layered harmonies…maybe… I don’t know – instincts kinda tell me this is more than likely Alida representing the band on this particular tune but I could very well be wrong. In either event – Silent Stranger keeps it simple and plays to the strengths of their vocalist by setting up a sweetened guitar-melody on “Something About A Dream (Acoustic).”

For me, the magic truly lies in the chorus of this gentle-giant of a song…for what begins subtly will build as it plays and by the time the chorus & harmonies hit, you get a full-dose of the real power & beauty in those vocal-combinations and layered-textures that bring the words to life with a perfectly matching energy and emotion. “Something About A Dream (Acoustic)” is a great introduction to Silent Stranger and highlights the strengths in their song-writing…definitely solid in performance with real soaring-heights to the vocal-patterns and dynamics that’ll certainly keep your attention & generate a curiosity that should definitely lead you to check into the full-band and what they create together.

Just so happens…we heard through the grapevine you can do just that through this here link to the Silent Stranger official homepage:

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