Steven Faulkner – “Leech”

 Steven Faulkner – “Leech”

Steven Faulkner – “Leech” – Single Review

There we go brother.

Steven’s been hard at work creating some killer cuts this year…it wasn’t all that long ago that I reviewed his last single “War For The World” – which for the record, I quite thoroughly enjoyed.  I did however, add in my usual two-cents for what might be improved…because…well mainly because that’s just who I am – I don’t really ever expect many people to actually take the advice I dole out, but it’s nice when they do.  So thanks Steve!

Alright, alright…I’m not gonna take credit for what he’s accomplished – that’s definitely not who I am – at the end of the day, any moves he’s making are his own & his own alone…he’s no puppet and I am certainly no puppet master.  For real, ask my wife…I couldn’t find my own shoes without her.  All that being said, we did hear similar things in the mix of “War For The World,” which I can confirm; a couple messages between us back & forth after the review posted hinted at the potential for him pushing his capabilities even harder this next time out, to add that beef we were looking for in the production.

I’m proud to say, whether it based on something I said or not, the mission has been accomplished – “Leech” has that grit & depth we’re looking for, and really gets the low-end rhythm & groove involved on this single, just like I was hoping he would…and quite likely, just like he was hoping for as well.  All of you musicians, artists, and bands out there know that dialing into your sound is one battle, and finding the way to get it onto a record intact is a completely different beast altogether.  Sometimes it’s the settings, sometimes it’s the dude at the controls – hell, sometimes it’s the dude that AIN’T at the controls where they should be…it can be a variety of things of course, the point is, it isn’t an easy task.  That’s why you see certain producers form long-term relationships with artists & bands…because they can be trusted to handle the challenge and stick to the original vision, intent, and design of the music.  But just as these people are often credited with being the ‘extra member’ of a band – think again of how long it took you to find the perfect lineup for your band to begin with – the search can be endless.

So when you’re going the DIY route, don’t be discouraged if you don’t dial into perfection by twisting two knobs and feeling satisfied…the ideas are what’s important at first, and Steven has always proven he’s had plenty, whether it’s been with his most recent solo cut “War For The World,” or his earlier material as Jigsaw Man.  The production comes later on…the attention to all the details…later on…the rounding of every corner…later on…and then the eventual refinement & complete retooling & starting this entire process all over again…also comes later on, and again & again & again.  Yay?

Believe it or not, all of this should be welcomed.

It’s evolution baby,” as Eddie would say…and he’s right about that.

Remember, every step forward is still a step in the right direction.  Steven should be proud of the mix he’s brought to “Leech” – in my opinion, he’s fixed absolutely everything I was ranting about in his last single and truly left me nothing to complain about this time around.  What I think I might even love MORE about “Leech” is the fact that this track…good LORDY…this mother transitions between the bizarre & beautiful and the powerful punch of Groove-Rock exceptionally well, creating a hybrid you’d never be brave enough to try if you were looking at it on paper, yet somehow here, it works brilliantly.  I love that I couldn’t possibly choose a specific part of this song that I like best…I think the verses are LOADED with personality…maybe, if anything, I could have used one more go-through on those in the structure overall, but that’s like splitting the finest of hairs.  LISTEN to the groove in those bass-lines will ya though?  And the sparkling charm in the vocal melody?  Brilliant!  When it comes right down to it, you know how greedy I get when it comes to what’s blasting through these speakers of mine…and at the end of the day, I’ll take what Steven’s willing to give me when it comes to the design & flow of his new single.  I mean…I suppose it could have gone the other way if the chorus doesn’t kick as much ass as it did, but it does, and here we are; it makes it super hard to complain about leaving the oddly wonderful & expressive hooks found in the verses when you leave’em to switch into a rad blast of amped-up rhythmic Rock.  So you’ll hear no such complaints from me…ultimately, I think this entire cut is all killer & no filler, spending its time wisely between its creativity integrity & highly accessible entertainment.  Hybrids like these are spectacular in my opinion…it’s songs like “Leech” that broaden people’s horizons even further and get them accepting all kinds of new music that they might not have expected after.

There’s a ton of grit, guts, and gusto in “Leech” – I dig its angst-laden core, I dig the QOTSA-esque vibes it finds in its second-gear…but make no mistake, I was enjoying myself on this ride from the moment I stepped on to push play.  The noticeable improvements that Faulkner has already made from his last release to this one proves that he’s making every effort to harness his creativity & energy in a sincere effort to deliver the best entertainment he can provide…and his efforts are certainly appreciated here.

“Leech” comes out officially on August 31st this year – until then, make sure to find out more about Steven Faulkner at his official page at Facebook here:

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