SBS Best New Sound 2017 Nominations – Sienná

 SBS Best New Sound 2017 Nominations – Sienná

SBS Best New Sound Nominations

Day Nine: Sienná

One of the most stunning overall experiences came out of left-field this year through an artist we checked out in April of 2017 by the name of Sienná.  Her album Q.o.S was full of east-meets-west ideas when it came to the style & sound of the music, and she showed limitless imagination & incredible confidence with how far she was willing to explore her music’s moods, themes and atmospheres.  She was able to commit to & connect to her material in ways most artists/bands only ever dream of…and it’s because of the courageous way she went after so many different types of sound that led her to such a successful release with the album Q.o.S, which came out absolutely compelling and captivating from every pore of the speakers here at SBS.  As far as electro-compositions go, as far as unique instrumental ideas in ANY genre go, Sienná without question gave everyone in similar styles of music a true run for their money this year just to keep up to her, while at the same time, delivering a complete return on investment of the time spent listening to anyone who turned this record UP to the max, where it belongs.  Electronica, House-music, Jazz, traditional-contemporary Japanese music…Q.o.S really had it all and was certainly a vibrant highlight from the electro-scene this year in 2017 – make sure to come out and support Sienná when the SBS reader-vote for our year’s Best New Sound begins officially Dec. 15th!

Until then, join in on congratulating Sienná for the standout material she created for Q.o.S and earning her spot in our top-10 of the year, moving on as an official nomination to this year’s reader-vote.  Her music might be instrumental, but believe me when I say it will leave you just as speechless when you listen to it!  She did an amazing job on Q.o.S and certainly should be recognized for the incredible difference she made in the scene this year with her immaculate ear-for-sound & her amazingly unique & refreshing new record.

Find my full thoughts on Q.o.S by Sienná right here:

Find out more about Sienná from her official page:


"I’m passionate about what I do, and just as passionate about what YOU do. Together, we can get your music into the hands of the people that should have it. Let’s create something incredible."

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