SBS Podcast 164

 SBS Podcast 164

Time to take you from one side of the musical map to the other!  Join us this episode for tracks by speakeazie, Trill Cut, The Kid Chocolate Band, Paul de Leon, Meghan & Caitlin, Trynket, and Lielack, in addition to brand-new tunes from Shawn Era, Pete Gustard, Etherdene, FVRMN, and Veronica Largiu!  It’s always the right time for some stellar music from this incredible independent scene we share, so come get some!  Tune in & turn up for the SBS Podcast!


Your official show lineup includes:

Meghan & Caitlin – “Midnight”

speakeazie – “Day Drink Till I Feel Ok”

Trynket – “Downbeat”

Shawn Era – “Firefly”

Trill Cut – “It’s Been A Long Time”

Lielack – “Nu4U”

The Kid Chocolate Band – “Do I Cross Your Mind?”

FVRMN – “Back To The Whip”

Pete Gustard – “No Happy Campers”

Paul de Leon – “Criminals”

Etherdene – “Summer Dreams”

Veronica Largiu – “Always Running Back To You”

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"I’m passionate about what I do, and just as passionate about what YOU do. Together, we can get your music into the hands of the people that should have it. Let’s create something incredible."

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