SBS Podcast 164

Time to take you from one side of the musical map to the other!  Join us this episode for tracks by speakeazie, Trill Cut, The Kid Chocolate Band, Paul de Leon, Meghan & Caitlin, Trynket, and Lielack, in addition to brand-new tunes from Shawn Era, Pete Gustard, Etherdene, FVRMN, and Veronica Largiu!  It’s always the […]Read More

The SBS Top 10 Of 2022:  #10 – Paul de

The SBS Top 10 Of 2022:  #10 – Paul de Leon – Younger Years There was never any doubt that this artist was going to make our yearly top ten one day.  Ever since we heard one of his first singles called “Criminals” years ago, we knew Paul de Leon had the magic that most […]Read More

Paul de Leon – Younger Years

Paul de Leon – Younger Years – EP Review Absolutely STOKED to have this man back in the spotlight and his music coming through our speakers once again.  Obviously the main concern here is the fact that it’s been about three years and I’ve promoted Paul de Leon’s music about just as much as he […]Read More

January 2022 Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

Another year, another 365 days where this project we’ve been secretly putting out there onto the internet will likely be ignored entirely by the masses out there, right up to & including the people that even make the music!  As undeterred as ever, we are still here as we head towards our first full decade […]Read More

SBS Podcast 108

Welcome to the show!  We’ve got a full lineup designed to blend the past & the present as we roll through a stellar set-list on this episode of the SBS Podcast.  We’ve got music, we’ve got info…all that good stuff to keep ya entertained real nice – so kick back & turn up some tunes […]Read More

SBS Podcast 069

A whole bunch of fresh energy & great songs on today’s podcast! Got audio-awesomeness comin’ atcha from the lefts & rights with tunes from Alisa Chirco, Porcelain People, RaR Featuring J. Burney, Julia McDonald, Paul De Leon, Olga Solar, Nouri, and Meghan & Caitlin! Also making stops along the way to talk about the new […]Read More

SBS Podcast 056

Grim Singmuf on the m-i-c! Come check out the latest episode of the SBS Podcast, full of killer tunes from the independent music-scene and featuring a seriously amazing interview with the one & only Grim Singmuf! Dude’s got incredible things to say to us all and is highly in-tune with the vision for what he’s […]Read More

Paul De Leon – “Criminals”

Paul De Leon – “Criminals” – Single Review Interesting.  My notes here mention something about how Paul De Leon has morphed his sound into a more mainstream-type of Indie sound.  After listening to the singles he’s put out in the past…I suppose I get where he’d be coming from…somewhat.  Truthfully, you can hear this guy […]Read More