SBS Podcast 164

Time to take you from one side of the musical map to the other!  Join us this episode for tracks by speakeazie, Trill Cut, The Kid Chocolate Band, Paul de Leon, Meghan & Caitlin, Trynket, and Lielack, in addition to brand-new tunes from Shawn Era, Pete Gustard, Etherdene, FVRMN, and Veronica Largiu!  It’s always the […]Read More

SBS Podcast 054

Stoked to be back already with a shiny new lineup of tunes stylistically designed to keep your speakers full of awesomeness! Enjoy music from Xoxo Spencer, Mel Monaco, Amita, Meena Kaye Featuring Mee And The band, Major Moment, Alex Musicci, Trill Cut and Genius Picaso – plus we’ve got the music of Stephon Foster up […]Read More

SBS Podcast 005

Today we get right into the benefits of being a kickass person & humble musician!  Featuring in-depth talks on the new music from alternative-rock band Between The Void and singer/songwriter Erik Odsell – and rounding it all out with incredible music from other great independent artists & bands like Justin Llamas, Jack Alacka, Michael Reddington […]Read More

Trill Cut – “It’s Been A Long Time”

Trill Cut – “It’s Been A Long Time” – Single Review You know something?  Trill Cut brings up a good point right away, just by looking at the title, but he’ll also mention it repeatedly throughout the hooks & chorus of this seriously wicked jam he’s created in his new single “It’s Been A Long […]Read More

Trill Cut – “Money Dreaming” Feat. Hi-DeF!

Trill Cut – “Money Dreaming” Feat. Hi-DeF! – Single Review “Money Dreaming,” the new single from Trill Cut…might just drive me insane. Hold up…don’t lynch me just yet…let me explain… The main sample in the song…the string sample…I must have listened to this song about twenty times in a row in an effort to relocate […]Read More