August Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

Phew!  For a moment there, we were a little worried you were starting to catch on, or like music! This awesome social experiment continues.  For what purpose?  Nobody knows!  But we sure are learning a whole lot about how folks listen to tunes and support the independent scene organically without any typical kind of promotions […]Read More

SBS Podcast 128

We are stocked & loaded with incredible new tunes once again – it’s Proof Of Purchase! – Volume 14 on the SBS Podcast today!  Featuring cuts we purloined from the harvest on Bandcamp Friday back in May this year – it’s high time we cracked open all these treasure to share with ya.  We’ll be […]Read More

Jeff Shadows & Low Key Trampoline – Slow Motion Spring

Jeff Shadows & Low Key Trampoline – Slow Motion Spring – EP Review Well now, what DO we have here? This is something special, that much I can tell ya – I’m really liking what I hear on this upcoming EP from the collaborative duo of Jeff Shadows & Low Key Trampoline – this works […]Read More