SBS Live This Week 059

Come and get some! All new all music episode of SBS Live This Week featuring videos/music from Macedo, Paul The Trombonist, Phillip Foxley, Dave Wirth, The Sunless Sea, Blackout Lights and Zeeb? – also a feature spotlight on the electro-music of M.V.A.!Read More

SBS Live This Week 050

New Music & Videos From: EarDrumCandy, Matt Byron, Pawzilla, Animation1000, The Sunless Sea, David Devereux, Once More, Autumn, Whiskey Kings and Atomm -X-! Spotlight shining on the music of Endsightt – check it out!Read More

The Sunless Sea – “Void”

Alright…no joke people…as far as videos from the independent scene go – you might be finding me hard-pressed to think of one I could have potentially enjoyed more than this!  Not only is this brand new song “Void” a perfect fit for the onscreen-visuals, but also vice-versa…EVERYTHING about this works together from what you’ll see […]Read More

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