Pakco F. “B75571 (Wave Runner)”

 Pakco F. “B75571 (Wave Runner)”

Pakco F. “B75571 (Wave Runner)” – Single Review

Ahhhh music-scene, I tell ya…every time I think I’ve seen or heard it all, you prove that I haven’t.

We rappin’ bout shoes here Pakco F.?  Is that what we’re doin’ here?

I get more curious than most people in my field do.  When I don’t know about something I see or that I hear, hell yeah I get on Google and see if I can figure something out!  So I’m sitting here listening to Pakco F.’s brand-new single, and thinking to myself…like…what is “B75571” anyhow?  Is that like a locker combination or something?  And of course, as it turns out, it refers to a specific type of Yeezy sneakers.

Because I should have known that’d show up in a song, right?

As I remind you all the time here at these pages of ours, we all gotta write about something, right?  As much as I’d love to tell ya that a song about shoes wouldn’t be valid…artists/bands write about EVERYTHING under the sun – so why wouldn’t a cut called “B75571 (Wave Runner)” be just as accepted as anything else?  Of course it should be.  Seems a bit crazy to go that far with a shoe obsession to me, but not to everyone out there.  Heck, this is probably P.J. Tucker’s #1 jam fam…go ahead & look that up.

Anyhow.  Look…to be completely fair to Pakco F., “B75571 (Wave Runner)” sounds tight, and it’s not as simple as being all about shoes y’all.  If anything, give the man some serious credit for coming up with a title to a single that’s probably being pounded into Google and search engines every minute of the day by dedicated sneaker-heads around the world – there are lot of results to wade through, but the people out there will eventually find this single/video out there too – that’s smart marketing!  Plus, as you’ll see onscreen, it’s not like the man ain’t backing it up – he’s got his Yeezys on and making moves with’em.

Pakco F. has got that half-Trap half-R&B vibe goin’ on, and I’d be the last person to deny how much this style of sound is massively relevant for the right here & now of what’s happening out there in the scene.  Artists like Shrt_Lyf, 12-GAUG3, SHAN B, Pakco F. – to name a few – these are all artists at the forefront of a new wave of diversity that’ll eventually all become the future of music in the present day.  It doesn’t all happen overnight of course, but if they all keep on the path they’re on as individuals, together they end up creating a bigger scene en masse – make sense?  It’s how the cyclical nature of music continues on spinnin’ y’all, and it’s how we shift sounds from out of the underground to the mainstream over time.

I might not know a damn thing about anything outside of music…like…I’m probably rockin’ kicks on my feet that have lasted me for a decade and are likely busting at the seams, let alone have any clue about what’s fresh to put on them feet of yours like the latest Yeezys – but as I always say, I know what sounds good.  Pakco F. has got a solid flow, great melody in his voice when he’s spittin’/singin’ for ya, and like I was saying earlier, beyond his natural skillset, he’s got relevance on his side.  Will people dig what they hear on “B75571 (Wave Runner)?”  Oh hell yes they will!  And that’s exactly what I’m saying…being a part of the right style, sound, vibe, and scene can make a huge impact on how you’re received out there in the court of public opinion – if it’s all about timing as they always say the music industry & popularity is, then Pakco F.’s right on time with this single.  The determination seems like it’s there, and you’ll hear it in lines like “won’t stop til I’m flyin’ private” – if he keeps that kind of attitude and mindset, then the world is his oyster as far as I can tell.  Talent & skill will only ever take you so far in this music business, but if you’ve got the hustle in ya, determination and true grit, that’ll take you the rest of the distance – and from the sounds of things, Pakco F. is ready to move mountains in that regard.  So I dig that, yessir.  I’m interested in why he’s posted “This was the hardest video to release up to this point” along with this release at YouTube…that tells me there’s a bit more to the story than we currently know as there’s not a single ounce of context to go with that comment…but maybe we’ll find that out in the future to follow.  The real bottom line is that he’s got one – Pakco F. has got a future so bright he’s wearing shades in the official video for “B75571 (Wave Runner)” to go along with his Yeezys.  His style is on point from sight to sound…it all seems like he’s on the right path towards success from what I can tell; keep it goin’ brother.

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