Shrt_Lyf – “She Said”

 Shrt_Lyf – “She Said”

Shrt_Lyf – “She Said” – Music Video Post

I’ll tell ya this much…if Shrt_Lyf is willing to put this much work into all of what he does, the man’s goin’ straight worldwide in no time this year.  For a dude with Shrt in the title of his name, this guy is LARGER than LYF y’all – and I can guarantee it wouldn’t even take a single full spin through the new video for his single “She Said” for ya to get a full understanding of what I’m tellin’ ya to be the unfiltered raw TRUTH.

Not only does he have one of the most memorable hooks you’re likely gonna hear in 2022 at the core of this cut, but the amount of personality you’ll both see in the video & hear from him on the m-i-c is sure to bring him straight up to the top spots on charts & playlists without a moment’s hesitation from any of you out there checking out “She Said.”  The accolades are well deserved, I can assure ya – and you can see by the numbers pouring in from listeners, watchers, fans, and stalkers from all corners of the globe that I’m not alone in my assessment here – Shrt_Lyf has got the wild kind of X-factor that money can’t buy, and an addictive vibe of his own that’s rarer than rare.  Honestly, after taking several spins through his latest video myself, I’m more than confident Shrt_Lyf is entirely set up to become a household name and take over the mainstream completely.  How could he not with this high degree of star power goin’ on?  Dude’s destined for the top and straight-up BORN for the game…and if he keeps the quality up like you’ll witness in “She Said,” there’s no doubt whatever that he’ll carve out a legacy as an industry icon.

Once you start listening to Shrt_Lyf and watching his videos…y’ain’t gonna wanna stop – remember you heard it here first!  Consider yourselves both warned, AND encouraged to turn this dude right the fuck on UP where he belongs…and find out more about Shrt_Lyf at his official website at:

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