12-GAUG3 – “I Need You” Feat CRXWN / “Someone To Hold”

 12-GAUG3 – “I Need You” Feat CRXWN / “Someone To Hold”

12-GAUG3 – “I Need You” Feat CRXWN / “Someone To Hold” – Singles Review

January 2nd!  I tell ya folks…it never takes long.  Usually I’m a bit further into the year before I find that artist or band that makes me ask the question “WHERE have YOU been?” – but here we are, on the second day of the New Year and I’m already wondering about what’s kept 12-GAUG3 away since the release of his 2019 record called I Am if the dude sounds THIS good.  It always makes me scratch my head, you know?  Don’t get me wrong…I’d be the first to tell ya that real quality takes time…but don’t get it twisted either – if I had a quarter of the talent 12-GAUG3 has for the craft of making music, that’s all I’d be doing, every single day, around the clock.  This dude just gets it in ways that others don’t, and it’s radiantly apparent…you’ll know from a single spin through either of his latest singles and by the fact that a single spin ain’t ever gonna be enough, you feel me?  These tracks are straight-up top-shelf y’all.

In short, the man makes music that will move you – that’s facts.  His gift for production is nothing short of remarkable…you can hear the genuine depth and dynamics he creates with his songs, and that’s exactly why they make as much of an impact as they do.  No doubt that 12-GAUG3 makes a huge difference in that regard too with stellar presence on the mic, thought-provoking lyricism, and a solid understanding of hooks & melody…but yeah…all-in-all, he simply knows how to make it all SOUND great – that’s what’s leading him to victory after victory and the top spots on your playlists around the globe.

The collaboration with CRXWN on “I Need You” would likely be more than enough to convince the majority of ya out there that 12-GAUG3 makes music that hits different in all the right ways…the following track, “Someone To Hold” will merely prove to be further confirmation of what you already know.  I’m beyond impressed with the music…the clarity is outstanding on “I Need You” from the light & airy melody of the piano to the massive depths of the low-end bass swells…like I was tellin’ ya, you can completely tell that 12-GAUG3 was meant to make music, and make it sound real damn good.  The beat works, the melody is SPECIAL…and the heart in this song is staggering y’all.  12-GAUG3 is has sensational presence to begin with, and he played this track real smart by enlisting the sincerity of CRXWN to assist with the vocals.  Together, combined, they’re guaranteed to melt hearts and hit ya in the feelings.  The hooks work from the music to the microphone…the structure of the melody and the level of contrast between the angelic high-end & the fierceness of the low-end is perfection…honestly, there’s not a single thing about “I Need You” that I’d change.  What’s truly remarkable is that I felt the same way about “Someone To Hold” as well!  I’m a critic…it’s my job to find SOMETHING worth changing or an element that could be done better…something that could be enhanced…but there’s nothing like that here.  The most you’ll find conceding to ya is that MAYBE 12-GAUG3 could have turned his own vocals up just a fraction on “I Need You” – but that’s all personal preference, and not something that you’ll feel is necessary as you listen.  I can just hear through the lyricism that the man’s got something to SAY as well…so let the people hear it loud & proud 12-GAUG3…ain’t no harm in doing that with the production of such a magnificent soundtrack on this cut surrounding ya that’ll always keep the magic flowing, 100%.  In my opinion, I’m splitting the finest of hairs…you can hear 12-GAUG3 clearly enough, CRXWN comes shining through on the hooks even brighter…and all-in-all, “I Need You” is a real moment you truly feel.

For real…I don’t know about you, but everything I’m hearing puts this artist on extremely solid ground already, with the potential of an even more massive future ahead of him.  Even being enveloped in emotional turmoil can’t slow him down!  Listening to “Someone To Hold” and hearing how effective 12-GAUG3 can be, simply by expressing his thoughts in such a natural, grounded, and down to earth way…I mean…it’s freakin’ fantastic y’all.  The level of star power this guy has, the genuine allure of his music – the X-FACTOR is PRESENT AND ACCOUNTED FOR…that’s what I’m sayin.’  He’s poetic, stylistic, and real – all at the same time…and it’s the kind of refreshing/relevant vibe built for success in the modern-day era.  His vocals are spot-on; whether you’re considering the melody, the tone, the technique, or his lyricism…you won’t find any weak points.  He might sound broken based on the theme and content, but make no mistake…what this dude creates is bulletproof, and he’s clearly still way on the early side of his career overall.  To think that someone, like all artists, 12-GAUG3 is going to grow, expand, and evolve even further from here is practically unfathomable…but like all the greats, I know that he will.  It’s artists like this dude that have the want & desire to push themselves to that next-level…and if that takes a bit of time to accomplish, they’ll use it as wisely as they possibly can.  The bottom line is, everything I’ve heard in these two singles shows the true promise of a worldwide superstar…as long as he doesn’t get trapped in his mind and continues to keep the music coming out at a steady pace, he’ll be a household name in no time at all with the quality content he’s putting through your speakers.  12-GAUG3 gets a huge nod of approval from me…no details have been overlooked, and everything in his songs packs a completely potent punch from what he’s got to say to what you’ll hear…I’m impressed with everything.

Find out more about 12-GAUG3 from his official pages below!

ReverbNation:  https://www.reverbnation.com/12gaug3

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/5vECrYvYFHxnlfy8YiZ3dz

Apple Music:  https://music.apple.com/us/artist/12-gaug3/1492634638

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/aj_ewaniuk

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/aj.ewaniuk  

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