LAZORE – “Searching For Something”

 LAZORE – “Searching For Something”

LAZORE – “Searching For Something” – Single Review

Lots of questions, and very few answers.  #AintLifeGreat?

LAZORE is “Searching For Something” in his latest single, amidst what has been one of the busiest years of production & promotion that you’ll find out there anywhere within this scene we share.  I’m sure you can relate on a thematic level, right?  Aren’t we all “Searching For Something” in our own unique ways?

He’s got a decent tune here…I’d put it somewhere in the middle of his rapidly growing catalog I suppose.  I’d assume the majority of folks out there will appreciate the energy “Searching For Something” has, and how that fits the concept overall.  LAZORE plays this track like he’s in a house on fire and needs to finish the recording before he gets out, and I reckon that franticness we feel in listening to it parallels the meaning and message he’s going for.  When we’re “Searching For Something” and we have no real idea what that is, we feel scattered, disconnected, and perhaps a little bit insane.  So with respect to that, I feel like you have to give the guy credit.  Either he perfectly detailed a track that deals with a subject that largely revolves around not knowing the answers or anything you need to know when you need to know it, or he’s thrown an artistic dart of randomness at the wall and somehow lucked out with how cohesive the idea and sound are together.  I’ll let you be the judge and jury on all that, but from what I’ve observed in LAZORE throughout the year, he’s a fairly focused songwriter that is battling against a whole lotta feelings and emotions that seem to be continually trying to rip him apart.  So honestly, it could go either way here…I could definitely make a case for him “Searching For Something” without having any clue as to what that ‘something’ really is, but I can also get behind a song that sounds like the concept it’s rallying behind too.  I’ll tell ya that my direct theory is that he’s at the very least attempted for the ‘something’ to be catharsis and healing through music…but the question remains whether or not it has provided that for him.  Having a hobby to focus on, a creative outlet & such…they can be things that’ll help take some of the sting and pain of life away, but they’re not always the all-inclusive answer we need them to be either.  Not getting the answer you need puts you right back at square one all over again, running around & around & around, “Searching For Something” that isn’t the thing you thought it was after all.  That ‘something’ is a thing that’ll plug the hole…fill the void…and/or make us whole again.

So…yeah…I mean…good luck on finding whatever you’re looking for in this valley of malls we’ve created.  Reach for whatever modicum of happiness you can find & grab it with both hands.  Best advice I’ve got.

LAZORE is someone that has continually shown us consistency in his work throughout the year.  Like any artist or band, of course we all have our favorite tunes and we’d individually like this or like that better than something else by the nature of comparison and our own personal tastes.  As I mentioned, this single would sit somewhere in the middle for me, but the level of consistency in his material never really wavers all that much.  As in, the difference between a good tune from LAZORE, and a great one, ain’t all that much…he keeps on putting in the passion and commitment into what he creates, and that’s what will always matter more than anything else.  “Searching For Something” could indicate that he’s really “Searching For Something” to write about too…that IS a possibility…but I suspect that even though saying ‘something’ might feel like he’s saying nothing somehow, he actually is saying something relevant to his story, his mindset, and the overwhelming emotions he’s been experiencing as he’s been doing his level best to find his way as an artist this year.  That’s my theory anyhow…if you’ve got another one, I’m always sure it could be as equally valid as anything I’d come up with.  I ain’t no Nostradamus…I’m just another dude with an opinion like anyone else is…and we’re all “Searching For Something” at the end of the day.  Ultimately it’s meaning I guess…something that’ll make some sense of this world we’re livin’ in.

Whatever you’re searching for dear readers, dear friends, and LAZORE…I sincerely hope you find it.

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