LAZORE – “Just Another Day”

 LAZORE – “Just Another Day”

LAZORE – “Just Another Day” – Single Review

Have yourself a year brother-man, go on!

LAZORE has had no problem at all establishing his name in the game in 2023, and to be completely truthful with ya, it’s not at all tough to understand why that is.  Some folks are fortunate enough to possess a natural talent that has’em steppin’ right outta the gate sounding like they’re completely ready to roll from day one, and you can certainly count LAZORE as one of those artists with such good fortune.  You’ve already seen his music appear on our pages a couple of times this year, with his debut EP back in early March and his single “Wanted Man” at the end of May…and I might just maybe have some firsthand knowledge about the fact that this new single ain’t gonna be the last we hear of him in 2023 either.  Like I was sayin’ – LAZORE’s enjoying the full length of a breakout year…good on ya brother-man.

I don’t tend to ever get caught up in the numbers behind the music because I live in the world of promotions…I concentrate on the material itself, because that’s really the only thing that matters.  For example, I just received a press release from some artist or band out there just the other day that read something like:  “DEBUT record from so and so comes out this Friday with a MILLION hits already” – like…c’mon…cue the eye roll.  Am I supposed to be impressed by the number of supposed hits, or the fact that it wasn’t even available yet and managed to get that many clicks?  Either scenario is ridiculous.  I genuinely feel bad for whomever that was…I don’t remember the name, because when you lead with numbers first, that usually tells me there’s no substance behind it.  I look at how LAZORE is doing, and I consider the hits he’s got goin’ on numbers to be proud of.  You know what I see?  Consistency!  To me, that’s a way better indication of the quality of music, when things are nearly equal across the board – that’s how you know the artist or band you’re listening to is making the right moves with their career.  The support is already firmly in place, and the millions will certainly come if he keeps up the quality of his material like he has been so far.

Dude’s putting in the work and getting it done…he should be mighty proud of that.  I listen to a track like “Just Another Day” and feel like LAZORE has been on nothing but solid ground from the moment I’ve started listening.  Sure, there’s still room for him to build up the identity in his music like I pointed out in reviewing “Wanted Man” last month, and I stand by that – but for real, give him time…that part almost always comes into play later on down the road in a body of work, and I’m confident he’ll get there.  Right now, I just wanna hear songs that confirm he’s got the chops to succeed and a reason to be here, and “Just Another Day” like the rest of his material that I’ve heard so far, certainly accomplishes that.

What I really dig about this particular single is that the real hooks probably come from a much more unexpected source than you’d think.  Sure, I could sit here and advocate on behalf of the cleverness in the rhythm of the vocal flow, or indeed rant positively about the solid job LAZORE has done from the microphone too.  I could tell ya all about the memorable way the hooks work in the verses, and I could tell ya all about how effective the chorus vocals are too – LAZORE nailed this track down tightly, to the point where singing the title itself, “Just Another Day,” is probably the part of this cut that makes the least impact.  He almost sings it like an afterthought, which is actually an appropriate approach when you consider the lyricism in this song…and he’s already given us plenty of meat on this bone to chew on by that point anyhow.  The musicianship is spot-on once again, and supplies us with everything we need from start to finish, including what will go on to be recognized as the REAL hook in this track.  LAZORE knows where it is and what I’m talkin’ about, because you can FEEL IT when you listen, so I have no doubt whatsoever that he was able to FEEL IT when he was playin’ it too.  You’ll find it show up right at the thirty second mark the first time, and right at the 1:20 spot the next time you hear it…that gritty raw power of the low end in the melody comes ROARING atcha, and it makes all the difference in the world when we’re talking about the definition of sound and how dynamics work their magic.  You’ll get one final dose around the 2:20 mark, and admittedly, it’s the spot that signals the transition into the chorus each time – but it’s less about the next part of the song working as well as it does, and much more about that actual spot of switching up the vibe to strengthen the music with a noticeably thicker sound.  That moment…that transition…is straight-up priceless y’all…like I was tellin’ ya, you FEEL IT, every single time, and more-so than anything that’s sung or played elsewhere, that right there is the real hook of the song.  It’s the kind of maximum force move in music you can’t help but notice, the punch it gives to “Just Another Day” is a serious knockout, and it’s kept me coming back to listen to this song multiple times.

I still think what I’m hearing from LAZORE so far reminds me a lot of the vibe we found on Vertical Horizon’s Everything You Want album from back in the day, but considering that record is timeless and still holds up strong decades after its release, that’s nothing but a good thing as far as comparisons go.  As far as the widespread appeal of a sound like LAZORE has, the possibilities for the guy’s career are theoretically endless…I’m tellin’ ya folks, push play and have a listen for yourself, he’s got the kind of sound in Alt/Rock that listeners have proven to love throughout the years, and you can see through the consistency of his numbers online, that once LAZORE gets a fan, he retains them loyally from there on.  We’re talkin’ about tens of thousands of people already tuning in throughout his debut year, from all corners of the map…it might be “Just Another Day” for a superstar like this, but that’s still superhuman results and an encouraging sign that confirms LAZORE is on the right path, making all the right moves.

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