KYZR – “You Can Make It On Your Own” Featuring Erik Frisberg

 KYZR – “You Can Make It On Your Own” Featuring Erik Frisberg

KYZR – “You Can Make It On Your Own” Featuring Erik Frisberg – Single Review

Let me tell ya…there are some truly beautiful people out there in this world and Marcel & Stefan of KYZR are certainly two of them.  If you’ve been following along with our pages over this past year, you’ve seen this duo from the Netherlands in print a few times in review as we checked out their electrified-spin on shiny Pop tunes infused with genuine heart & inspired positivity – but to be clear, even in their messages behind the scenes, you can tell they truly love what they do in every word they say as well.  The enthusiasm and uplifting energy that radiates from Stefan & Marcel is infectious in all the right ways; I always look forward to both hearing their music & hearing from them, they’ve got all the right attitude.

True to form, this final offering from their upcoming album and last single in the set of one-minute animated videos that comes along with their music, “You Can Make It On Your Own” provides that breath of fresh air and positive experience this crew is fast becoming known for.  Once again collaborating with the fantastic vocals of Erik Frisberg on the mic, KYZR again proves they’ve found the perfect voice to help take their music to that desired next-level.  We’ve heard Erik be incredible in the past when working with Stefan & Marcel – but I think there’s a solid argument to be made that this is the best we’ve heard from them all combined performance/structure-wise so far.  Make no mistake, KYZR sets a high bar for the standards on their music…as free-feeling & playful as it can often be, the precision and musicianship is always perfectly in-line & pro as well.  “You Can Make It On Your Own” exemplifies this aspect of KYZR’s music and champions it confidently; they’re kings of assembly, space, placement, production and straight-up dazzling sound – this new single has them sounding incredible.


NOT that I doubted them in slightest, because that’s certainly not the case – they’ve given us every reason to believe in them through their dedication to the art in all directions from the videos to the music since I first started listening to them.  And ultimately, I think that’s kind of the most fascinating part about their new single…while it’s definitely designed to inspire YOU and your own journey forward in life, you kind of have to acknowledge the parallels to the path of KYZR within the lyrics of “You Can Make It On Your Own” as well.  “Cause the world is waiting,” as they’ll tell you themselves – and it’s been waiting for quite some time…you’ve got your Maroon 5 and Justin Timberlake, but there’s SO MUCH ROOM in between those two styles for KYZR to electric-slide right into, you know what I mean?  “You will blossom and you’ll take over” – the creators behind the song are far, far too humble to ever admit it, but it’s another statement in the song that could very well apply to them one day.  No reason for KYZR not to believe it’s a possibility – a sound like this could go on to travel the entire globe and verifiably reach the top of every chart you’ll find it on.  They’re literally, audibly, and visually making ALL the right moves.  Not just a few of them – ALL of them.  Efforts like theirs deserve true recognition.

Change is in the air…and the inspired sound of KYZR & Erik combined on this song flood the speakers with possibility & hope for the future in vibrant ways that completely connect.  Lyrically, “You Can Make It On Your Own” is tightly focused and gets the empowering themes across perfectly through Frisberg, who expertly uses the brilliant dynamics created by Stefan & Marcel on this single to feed his energy.  As a result, this song LEAPS from your lefts & rights and genuinely sparkles with spectacular sound – the kind of track that’ll put extra bounce in your step as you walk on forward to conquer a brand-new day.  “You Can Make It On Your Own” relentlessly entertains just as much as it encourages, resulting in a sweet-intentioned tune that embraces the empowering energy & magic of music and transfers it right to you.

Another job extremely well done from KYZR & Frisberg – and another incredible reason to be excited about the new album they’ve got coming up.

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