KYZR – “Night Vision” Featuring Erik Frisberg

 KYZR – “Night Vision” Featuring Erik Frisberg

KYZR – “Night Vision” Featuring Erik Frisberg – Single Review

Some really flashy sounding tunes at the page here today – figured I’d add one more into the mix that I’ve stumbled upon lately – it’s called “Night Vision” by the electro-pop duo known as KYZR, featuring a truly sensational performance from guest-star singer Erik Frisberg.  If you’re looking for refreshing, vibrant hooks & energy to pull you onto the dance-floor and get your body movin’ this summer – there’s a great chance you need to look/listen no further than this new single/collaboration goin’ on right here.

Overall, there’s really cool stuff happening in this project and real art being made alongside the captivating & charming sound they’ve created on “Night Vision” and beyond.  This single comes from their upcoming album called The 7 Adventure, which also happens to feature seven one-minute long manga-inspired anime videos to support the music – how awesome is that?  Smart way to go about promoting the new record, and certainly enticing sounds being made through this collaborative effort; it seems as if KYZR is ready to make your summer months sizzle with stunning sound, rhythm & grooves, amazing visuals – SIGN ME UP!

.Or at the very least, that’s certainly what you’ll discover on “Night Vision” – there’s so much to love about this cut.  I’ll get distracted even just trying to pin down what I love most whenever I think about it – is it the amazingly bouncy bass-lines?  Is it the incredible electro-elements that surge so brilliantly throughout “Night Vision?”  Or what about the guitars that eventually step into the mix to provide one last additional layer of completely killer sound…or the wild vocal-samples used in the middle of this tune?  What about the superhuman performance that Erik Frisberg puts through the microphone?  You could literally pick ANY of these elements and make a complete case as to why it’s the most essential part of the song or your favorite sound – but really, when you’re looking at it all written out like that, don’t you have to come to the conclusion that the entire track is as well balanced as a song can possibly get?  I mean, I didn’t mention the beat, but it’s a part of this party too, keeping the entire flow on course & the energy electric…the facts are the facts – there are zero weak points here – this is ENTERTAINMENT!  The writing is pretty much bulletproof from the structure of the music and the shifting dynamics that KYZR brings to their sound, smartly evolving the song to extraordinary heights and a fullness that seriously satisfies the ol’ speakers.  I can’t say enough about the balance between the performance, production – the entire collaboration happening here sounds so incredibly inspired that you can’t help but grin from ear to ear when listening to the bright, uplifting energy of “Night Vision.”

When you’re instrumentally-based artists like KYZR is, that decision to add vocals doesn’t often come easy…and I’d imagine it’s especially tough to want to make that call when the music comes out as strong, bold, and straight-up entertaining as what they’re creating – “Night Vision” WOULD work as an instrumental tune for example, I have no doubt about it.  In general…when that decision does get made, that choice is made for a reason – and it’s tracks like this and guest stars like Frisberg that confirm the amount of thought put into the selection.  I firmly believe – and I’ll go to the grave happily standing behind these words – KYZR simply COULD NOT have found a more incredible vocalist or singer to fit this tune than what they have in Erik – this is an award-winning level of performance he’s putting in here.  His wildest moments between the 1:35 mark and 1:45 mark alone are worth the price of admission to this ride!  But you get what I mean – obviously credit to Frisberg for pouring his heart, soul, and amazing technique into this song…because he’s absolutely makin’ the magic happen at every moment; but also real credit to Stefan and Marcel of KYZR for understanding the exact sound they were looking for when they found it.  The mere selection of such a remarkable pairing for their music suggests that KYZR goes far beyond what makes their own instrumentation work, but what songs require to succeed as a whole.

I fully admit, usually a song like “Night Vision” might be a bit too pepped-up for me…but I’m not gonna lie to ya either – something about this one really hit the mark all-around.  I think it’s tight from the lefts to the rights, well-played, well-performed, well-produced…you really couldn’t ask for more than what you’re truly getting in this stylistic super-collaboration – the single-worthy sparkle in the shine of “Night Vision” is designed to bring some uplifting spirit to your summer of 2018…and man does it DELIVER!  Honestly couldn’t take my ears off it – KYZR’s got a dazzling spectacle of sonic entertainment that’ll appeal to virtually everyone out there from fans of Pop to R&B to Soul to Funk to Electro & far beyond.

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