Kane James & Marcus T Cleveland – “Laced Up”

 Kane James & Marcus T Cleveland – “Laced Up”

Kane James & Marcus T Cleveland – “Laced Up” – Music Video Post

From the comfort of the studio in the underground, to the gritty city streets, this collaborative effort is makin’ the right kind of noise that hits different for all the right reasons.  Y’all recognize the names in the game here if you’re keepin’ your ears to the wax & what’s happening with the music scene like you should be, and at least one of’em from these very pages of ours in the past.  Kane James has been featured here with singles like “Don’t Be Like Me” back in 2019 and “Goon” in 2020 – this time, he’s “Laced Up” with his homie Marcus T Cleveland for a collaborative effort that hits 2022 with hard vibes.

Comin’ atcha direct from The Taekwondope EP, which is out & available now – there’s no set of ears that would deny or dispute how well these two emcees work together, or how perfectly their individual styles complement each other as they trade bars on “Laced Up” and hit the hooks together at full force.  With their lyrical content as rhythmic as it gets, serious finesse in their flow, and professional precision to be found in every syllable they spit through the m-i-c – “Laced Up” quickly becomes a master-class on how to handle your business, so make sure you’re paying attention!  As they rip rhymes with supreme doses of confidence & swagger combined – both Kane and Marcus flex bars built stronger than steel, and deliver their parts with resounding rhythm and bounce on the beat.  ”Laced Up” is addictive AF yo – it’s got the true deadliness you wanna hear from a banger…ain’t no doubt about the strength of this cut.  “Every verse is a death note” as Kane will tell ya – these are “two minds that’s too able,” as Marcus confirms.

Cleverly takin’ on every role you see onscreen in their new video from the time they ignite on the mic to the moment they burn it all down by the end, Kane and Marcus clearly hit their stride as a collaboration right from the drop of day one.  Sometimes you just see & hear a situation that makes some damn sense y’all…and this is definitely one of those times – James and T Cleveland put in superior bars designed to get your blood pumpin’ & heads noddin’ along with the heat of their combined intensity, and it WORKS.  Two highly skilled wordsmiths that have verbal integrity & rap with real purpose & passion for the craft – “Laced Up” is a stellar example of everything they’re capable of & a solid single to have put out there on the net to entice you in to The Taekwondope EP – you’ll want more from these two without a doubt.

Find The Taekwondope EP from Kane James and Marcus T Cleveland at Apple Music right here:  https://music.apple.com/ca/album/the-taekwondope-ep/1621608382

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