Kane James – “Don’t Be Like Me”

 Kane James – “Don’t Be Like Me”

Get ready to bounce to this y’all.

Pop some bottles and smoke a few blunts with Kane James on the mic and his new single/video for “Don’t Be Like Me” – this man’s got seriously intense bars.  While a lot of his lyrics and onscreen antics might play like more of a warning of sorts, there’s nothing stopping you from turning “Don’t Be Like Me” right up to the rafters and bumpin’ this cut the way it was designed to be.  Really smart use of the odd/eerie piano melody and killer guitar tones creeping into the mix, rapper Kane James flexes mad skill & finesse when it comes to the verses of his latest single, making maximum use of the large potential this track has with its dynamic low-end bounce and audibly enticing sound.  Clearly a hungry emcee that’s ready to rock the mic with confidence & verifiable skill – “Don’t Be Like Me” has wild energy and powerful bars the reveal Kane James has a ton to offer the game – check it out for yourself and click play on his new video below!

“Don’t Be Like Me,” comes from the album The Side Effects Of Dreaming by Kane James – and it’s out and available now!  Find out more by visiting the official Facebook page at:  https://www.facebook.com/iamkanejames

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