John Evergon – “Hallelujah”

 John Evergon – “Hallelujah”

Official Press Release

John Evergon Dazzles & Charms With His Cover Of The Cohen Classic “Hallelujah” – Available Now!

After revealing his immaculate gift for melody & intricate finger-style instrumental guitar compositions to the world & stunning fans and critics alike with the spectacular music flowing throughout his debut record Constellations Of Thoughts from last year – artist John Evergon returns in 2020 with a gorgeously unique version of the universally beloved classic “Hallelujah,” by legendary songwriter Leonard Cohen.

While guided by the solemn aura of the core melody at the heart of the original, John expands his cover of “Hallelujah” in remarkable ways unlike any other existing version to be found.  Drawing on inspiration that includes Native American culture and powerful symbols of strength & divinity, Evergon tapped directly into the pure sentiment of Leonard’s timeless tune, and he discovered his own insightful path to approach Cohen’s immaculate material by infusing “Hallelujah” with the true celebratory spirit it’s always deserved.

With superb talent, technique, and style that’s sure to catch the attention of listeners around the globe, John’s enchanting & mesmerizing instrumentation displays passion second to none, and his new version of “Hallelujah” speaks volumes about Evergon’s natural ability to adapt, thrive, and genuinely entertain in the process.  Officially released in November 2020 – “Hallelujah” is out & available on all major online platforms now, giving the world a reason to rejoice at the time that it’s most sincerely needed this year.

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