John Evergon’s Constellation Of Thoughts

 John Evergon’s Constellation Of Thoughts

Official Press Release

John Evergon Releases Constellation Of Thoughts For All To Hear In 2019!

 From the majestic landscape in his hometown of Portland, Oregon, stunning & skilled instrumental artist John Evergon is officially ready to take his music to a worldwide stage.  With a breathtaking progressive fingerstyle debut album, Constellation Of Thoughts highlights positivity through uplifting & remarkably dynamic compositions. John’s mission to seize the day and spread the joy of music to every person out there.

Brilliance is reflected by his humbly altruistic ambitions, unmatched dedication to the art of sound, and genuine, undeniable passion for fully embracing an expressive, explorative, and innovative style of music.

John Evergon, June 2018. Photo by Jason Quigley

With exquisite & extraordinary technique on display throughout the twelve songs on his 2019 release of Constellation Of Thoughts, John makes music the magical experience it’s truly meant to be through his clean guitar melodies and rhythmic ability to incorporate percussion in unique and insightful ways. Beautifully, boldly, blending multiple styles, sounds, timings, and themes into an instrumental record which plays as strongly and cohesively as an album with lyrics – John does it all without saying a single word.

Constellation Of Thoughts reflects the journey through the mind, soul, spirit, and music, of a man who has put his entire heart into his craft in a sincere effort to create songs which resonate with us all.

John ’s dominant way of capturing emotion in music through the imaginative and moving compositions audibly empowers listeners to make the most of every moment in their own lives, through music that’s authentically fresh, vibrant, and truly inspiring to hear.

No typical first album by any stretch – John Evergon immediately proves he possesses a high-caliber talent, signature style of musicianship, and adventurous songwriting. The inventive material he’s written for Constellation Of Thoughts, has led him to an organic & naturally captivating sound which listeners are guaranteed to be left fascinated.

It’s clear that John has genuinely found the place where he belongs as a career musician – and he couldn’t possibly be more excited to share his music with everyone out there listening.  Join him as he begins the next chapter of his story with the release of his official debut album, Constellation Of Thoughts in 2019.

John Evergon, June 2018. Photo by Jason Quigley

“A truly visionary multi-dimensional contemporary debut fingerstyle CD. A groundbreaking first piece of art comprising a truly diverse collection of solo cinematic pieces which morph, evolve and surprise the listener with changing moods and meters.”

Hear John Evergon’s music from Constellation Of Thoughts discussed & played on an excellent episode of Minor 7th’s Podcast By Clicking HERE!

John Evergon, June 2018. Photo by Jason Quigley

“John Evergon’s first album release, “Constellation of Thoughts”, is aptly titled. I find myself traveling through a myriad of totally engaging musical possibilities with each and every piece. Seamlessly blending a variety of rhythmic landscapes with melody, John gives us a perfectly balanced look into his Universe. I have one message for music-lovers; enjoy!”

 Larry Pattis, Oregon, USA

John Evergon, June 2018. Photo by Jason Quigley

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