SBS Podcast 068

 SBS Podcast 068

Spectacular show alert!

– We talk it out with the amazing Marcelo Camela and find out what’s up with his latest album Melodies In Motion in a new interview.
– We get into awesome new tunes & talk music from Keys And Vices, Stephon Foster, and the recent collaboration between Prada Jones & Easz.
– We blast even more incredible cuts from CHX Collective, Tough On Fridays, John Evergon, Klef Mikaydo, C-ZAR of G.M.Clan, and Minoo.


Your official show lineup includes:

CHX Collective – “My Way Home”

Keys And Vices – “Out Of My Head”

Tough On Fridays – “Summer”

Marcelo Camela – “Make Life Look Beautiful”

John Evergon – “The Value Of One Second”

Stephon Foster – “Stay In My Dreams” Feat. Steady Creating

Klef Mikaydo – “Purple Clouds”

Prada Jones & Easz – “Different”

C-ZAR of G.M.Clan – “Duality (Intro)”

Minoo – “Bang”

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