Jeff Russell JSwole – “Again”

“It’s been a minute fam…” While that’s certainly true – we last featured artist Jeff Russell JSwole here on our pages back in 2018 – he also proves it’s all worth the waiting with the powerful bounce & inspired sound of his brand-new 2020 single “Again.”  If you can somehow resist the bass-line grooves to […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 115

One of our most requested sets comes out of the vault – it’s Nixie from back in 2013!  From back in our studio in BC during our first five years, we invited them on out to come rock – and they sure did that!  The in-house PA system was literally never the same…busted beyond repair […]Read More

Jeff Russell JSwole – “Play”

“Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh – right back at it!” You know you can’t keep a good emcee down for long yo!  Jeff Russell JSwole is back to light up the mic with a rhythm & rhyme designed to amp you up and put some energy into your day – step up players, it’s time to “Play!”  Keeping the […]Read More

Jeff Russell JSwole – “Fun”

This man DELIVERS on his promises – Jeff Russell JSwole has created genuine “Fun” in music, just as the title of his summer anthem implies.  Honestly – we dig everything about the vibe of this cut here and both the performance and video amp up the positive energy and good-times in ways you’ll feel flow […]Read More