Izzie’s Caravan – “Drownin’ Man’s Blues”

 Izzie’s Caravan – “Drownin’ Man’s Blues”

Good ol’ Izzie’s Caravan lightin’ up the speakers & screens for ya on our pages this mornin’ – you dig?

I was actually surprised to see it was just back in March of this same very year that we last posted up a cut from this crazy gem of the music-scene here at sleepingbagstudios…the songs & style of of Izzie’s Caravan are still plenty fresh in my mind, but I honestly thought it had been longer than it has been.

So you know what that means…Izzie’s Caravan is striking while the iron is HOT and cranking out a whole bunch of tunes for y’all to enjoy, and I fully recommend you get in on that.  This particular single we’ve got here for ya…this shiny new tune & stellar video to go along with it, comes from the latest release, Izzie’s Caravan’s On The Pull EP, which, from the notes I’ve got here, promises to be a real statement record in the band’s legacy, both now AND in the future.  You see where this is all going folks?  I make no claims of being any kind of genius – you can visibly SEE for yourself that the enthusiasm & passion are there, long before you even push play to hear it for yourself if you’re paying close attention.  Believe me, when the time does come & you click that button below, you WILL hear it, I guarantee it.  The radiant character and colorful charisma in Izzie’s Caravan is ALWAYS on display, it’s virtually impossible to miss.

You see & hear what I’m talking about folks?  Chances are, you’re likely struck by two things that add up to a third – which would be both how loose and tight “Drownin’ Man’s Blues” truly is, and how that impeccable balance equates to wild entertainment that’s undeniably engaging on all fronts.  With a Zappa-esque mix of madness, mischief, and clever playfulness to the lyricism, Izzie’s Caravan overrides the typical formula for Blues-anything by creating continual FUN throughout this whole song, completely with words that’ll fully bring a grin to your mug.  “Gotta cheez before I drown” for example – what does that even mean bruh?  Or how about: “Sing the truth, hang me for treason Goblins preachin on the streets Senators have struck their deals / Taxman Johnny takes my savings / Repo Randy’s unforgiving…?” More importantly…how come the fact we don’t know what the heck this, or basically ANY of the lyrics in this song really mean, doesn’t seem to slow us down remotely from thoroughly enjoying the words?

This is exactly what I’ve been tellin’ ya all along dear readers, dear friends…personality matters.  And Izzie’s Caravan is one of the lucky ones that possesses it in both the music & vocal departments.  You could argue that half of these words on “Drownin’ Man’s Blues” are a giant collage of ideas or a full-on stream of consciousness and I’d probably agree with everything you’d point out & say – the fact of the matter is that there is so much brilliant uniqueness from line to line and the word selection is so spectacular, that meaning plays a much more secondary role anyhow.  This is what you’d call stylistic design folks…and Izzie’s Caravan uses it perfectly to their advantage throughout the length of “Drownin’ Man’s Blues” – there’s characters, there’s fragments & pieces of a story you can try to thread together, sure; but more than anything else, you’ll simply find yourself amazed by how downright fascinating this whole song becomes from a lyrical standpoint.  Quite honestly, you’d think you’d need the line from point-A to point-B to be a straighter path in order for you to follow along with what Izzie’s Caravan is layin’ down here on “Drowin’ Man’s Blues” – but if anything or nothing else, a stellar song/performance combo like this proves that you can take your music to the furthest realms of the bizarre in terms of your ideas & your art and still come out sounding massively inspired & fully engaged in wildly appealing ways.  It’s wacky, yes – but have a listen folks, you’ll find that’s a serious part of the charm that makes Izzie’s Caravan unlike any other.  So loosen UP, put on some shades, crack a cold one, turn up “Drownin’ Man’s Blues” and slide on into a whole world of genuinely exciting rhythms & grooves being created by Izzie’s Caravan that will provide ya with scorching hot guitar solos, relentless swagger from the m-i-c, and all-around exceptional musicianship every time.  You can quote me on that if ya like; or better yet, you can prove it by listening.

If you dig on the weird & wonderful, go get yourself a copy of the new On The Pull EP by Izzie’s Caravan – this is one band that ain’t gonna disappoint you, or anyone else, anytime soon.  They rock – and hard.

Find out more about Izzie’s Caravan from the official homepage at:  https://izziescaravan.com

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