Izzie’s Caravan – “Zephyrs”

 Izzie’s Caravan – “Zephyrs”

Izzie’s Caravan – “Zephyrs” – Music Video Release/Review

If the name of Izzie’s Caravan seems fresh in your mind still, you’re not alone in that; it was only about a week ago that we had a chance to check this project out for the first time with the song “Lightnin’s-A-Howlin’” posted up on our pages, as we spread the good word about the tributary Blues-inspired single.  Sure, a lot has been happening lately, even while we all sit still…but I like to think for the most part I can still remember the week prior to the one I’m in…hopefully most of you reading & listening are in the same shape.  If you had a chance to check out “Lightnin’s-A-Howlin’” and read the write-up we posted along with it, you’ll find that I wasn’t complainin’ whatsoever, even being fairly far removed from the Blues when it comes to my own personal playlists for the most part, good music is always exactly that – and no matter what genre your music belongs to, we respect the effort & passion whenever we hear it.  Izzie’s Caravan had something noticeably special goin’ on…and a remarkably professional approach too.

That being said…like just about all-things-2020, I’ve just been thrown a massive, unexpected curveball – and now I’m passing some of that awesomeness on to you.  What if I told ya that Izzie’s Caravan’s new Zephyrs EP was just about entirely different than the last one you experienced after you immediately went from our posting to check out the Leo’s Guitar EP?  I’d never take anything away from what I’ve heard prior to the Zephyrs EP…and I’m fully willing to admit this new lineup of songs is much more suited to my own personal taste…but like…I mean…this IS somehow even more special than what we heard the last time around, isn’t it?  While Izzie’s Caravan is busy pushing the boundaries of this band’s scope, style, scale, and sound…I’m over here listening to what sounds like a complete freakin’ victory.  Sure I’m here to talk about the actual title-track from the EP, but having heard all of what’s on Zephyrs, I can completely vouch for a full recording’s worth of absolutely mesmerizing melodies & stunning tunes.  Epic videos to go with’em too for the most part…what’s the count here…3 out of 4 cuts have full-on cinematic visual experiences to go with the songs, with just “South Of Yesterday” having the EP’s artwork on display instead.  Like I was tellin’ ya the last time around in talking about Izzie’s Caravan, the effort is completely visible and equally audible…as a fan of not just great music, but musicians & artists out there that put everything they got into everything they do, this has all been inspiring to dive right into.  When it comes to the title-track, “Zephyrs,” Izzie’s Caravan pretty much stopped all of time around me as I listened…it’s a fairly dramatic switch from what I previously knew and had heard in this project, and to say I was pleasantly surprised would be the mildest way to ever put it – this cut is spellbinding.  Everything about this single completely shines from its gorgeous uniqueness, to the spectacular combination between the vocals in this female/male duet, to the all-out exquisite melody they unlock between them as they sing the chorus of “Zephyrs” – it’s not just magnificently impressive from the music to the microphones, but it’s such a stand-out for its artistic design & structure that this title-track becomes a massively memorable tune.  Not to beat the point into the ground here, but memorable and unique can be a tough balance to strike in the right proportions for the right reasons – “Zephyrs” is how you go about it the right way folks.  Sure you’ll need a couple spins through it to get the full picture and learn all the words in the artistically designed flow so you can sing along & all, but that’s often the case with really great music that’s been carefully composed and crafted.  Or I’ll put it to ya this way, I generally feel sorry for songs out there that can be listened to one time & we’re like, ‘I get it’ and never need to listen to them again, know what I mean?  Izzie’s Caravan is chockfull of whatever that isn’t.

What “Zephyrs” isn’t, is predictable, pretentious, or recycled…the stunning design and anti-typical nature of this tune speaks volumes for what Izzie’s Caravan is capable of, and suits this project’s overall sound, style, and approach in ways that words can’t describe, only the music can.  Honestly, I literally cannot say enough about the quality of the ideas & execution being put forth by Izzie’s Caravan; essentially what I’ve been trying to say throughout this whole review, is that I THOUGHT I was already impressed with this band, but after hearing the Zephyrs EP in-full, I’m 100% floored.  As it stands right now, though it’s still early on in the first quarter of 2020 & all, I’d put this record up there easily up there with the best of the year so far for sure.  These are songs to seriously be proud of; videos too.

So while I could comment all day long on the awesomeness of the guitar solo in “Zephyrs” and how absolutely jaw-dropping it truly IS, or the breathtaking collaboration that takes place from the microphone, or how the drums, bass, and strings really tie this whole tune together from its melody on the surface to the rhythm in deep…really, when it comes right down to it, Izzie’s Caravan has a complete record that offers a spectacular listen.  Like no joke…”Zephyrs” itself is more than enough to convince ya, but just wait until you hear the epic love-song “Holy In Your Smile,” or the playful Pop-inspired sounds of “Tracii’s Ballad,” which was written for Izzie’s cat, or dreamy vibes on “South Of Yesterday” to go along with it…I have absolutely no doubt that a ton of ears out there will hear exactly what I’m hearing.  Izzie’s Caravan has stumbled into something remarkably special with what’s on the Zephyrs EP.

Perhaps it’s a true case of art inspiring art…as I understand it, Izzie’s been diving deep into the Tom Petty catalog lately…and as a result, here we are with the melodic dose of awesomeness on this new EP.  If I’m being truthful…I think that influence likely comes through more on a composition level than it does in the finalized sound…and ultimately, I think that’s a good thing.  We all love Petty, but the world doesn’t need another carbon copy, it needs the originality you’ll find in the end product on the Zephyrs EP…so while it might have been inspired by Tom, don’t think you’re in for anything you’ve already heard before.  Comparisons are a fickle thing anyhow…I could cite bands like Fountains Of Wayne that remind me of the vibrant fun to be had on “Tracii’s Ballad,” or even a slight bend towards the Smashing Pumpkins in the melody at the core of “South Of Yesterday” – and I’m sure there are people out there that would fight me tooth & nail about hearing something entirely different.  And that’s fine…that’s what makes the world go ‘round y’all…debate is great, it’s the silence of indifference you never want.  The real bottom line is that Izzie’s Caravan has expanded, evolved, branched out…and challenged this project in all kinds of exciting & enticing new ways that genuinely hit home for the organic integrity, sparkling melodies, and authentically natural vibes that are as comforting & warm as they are radiantly interesting and immensely satisfying to experience.  “Zephyrs” is great – but truly, the whole EP is too.

Find out more about Izzie’s Caravan from the official homepage at:  https://izziescaravan.com

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