Izzie’s Caravan – “Lightnin’s-A-Howlin”

 Izzie’s Caravan – “Lightnin’s-A-Howlin”

Izzie’s Caravan – “Lightnin’s-A-Howlin” – Music Video Release/Review

I’ve always been willing to admit that the Blues were more outside of the scope of what I grew up on than most genres, but even with my limited knowledge, I can tell ya that this single from Izzie’s Caravan ticks all the right boxes to pass the censors of its most staunch fans.  The way I see it, you need three main elements…you need your personal gripes, you need your nods to the greats that paved the way before ya (and if not in your lyrics then we damn-well better be able to hear it in your guitars!), and the ability to make everything relatable…you know…so that other people out there join in on the ‘fun’ part.

Alright…so the Blues aren’t exactly always about ‘fun’ – you know what I mean…how about ‘so that other people connect to the passion in your music and the messages you put forth’ instead – is that any better?

Let’s do the list I’ve proposed here…personal gripes being first item on the agenda.  Does Izzie’s Caravan got’em?  Ummm…don’t YOU right now?  Don’t we ALL?  You better believe the most important aspect of a Blues song is fully on display here – Izzie’s Caravan obviously gets that the only reason a Blues song can exist with a valid reason.  You gotta have something on your chest…something weighing on your soul…something dampening the mood…and like I said, let’s face facts, the world’s got plenty to choose from right now.  “Lightnin’s-A-Howlin” comes from the Leo’s Guitar EP, released at the end of 2019 – and it’s…jeez…I wanna say both insightful and maddening that so many of these words still seem just as fresh as if they were written only yesterday.  Observing the state of leadership and society as the song begins, Izzie’s Caravan digs deep into what’s broken in an effort to shed a little light on the darkness and vent frustrations through music like only the Blues can provide the ability to do – and it sounds great!  I almost always feel bad about complimenting a song from this genre, no matter how big or how small – it’s kinda masochistic in a way don’t you think?  Like, how does anyone ever say ‘awesome job on communicating how much pain you’re in dude – can’t wait to hear more!’ without realizing what they’re really asking?  The Blues come from a genuinely real place inside our thoughts, feelings, and emotions – it becomes crystal-clear in listening to “Lightnin’s-A-Howlin” that Izzie’s Caravan means ALL these words.

The second ingredient…that ‘nod to the greats’ – it actually exists right there in the title for you to see before you even push play, if you’re paying close attention.  Lightnin’ would be a reference to good ol’ Lightnin’ Hopkins…the Howlin’ part of course referring to the legendary Howlin’ Wolf…and later on down the road, when making these references even more plain as day in the lyrics of “Lightnin’s-A-Howlin,” Izzie’s Caravan will squeeze in a shout-out to the inimitable Buddy Guy as well.  So just in case you couldn’t hear the genuine love for the Blues in the music of this single somehow, you can also see the authenticity, respect, and salute to the genre right there in the words.  Izzie’s Caravan gets it, I’m tellin’ ya…you can’t bullshit the Blues any more than it’s possible to fake the Funk, which it ain’t; you can hear the craft in the pace, space, and structure as the song moves, grooves, flexes, & flows on smoothly.  Listen to those soulful guitar tones will ya?

The last part of the essential Blues recipe might be where Izzie’s Caravan shines brightest, which is creating something relatable.  Whether you connect to the stellar musicianship, the power of the words and how relevant they are, or the stylistic doses of straight-up Blues-cool that ooze from the sleek design of this song, there’s tons to dig on when it comes to “Lightnin’s-A-Howlin” and you’ll find the same to be true about the rest of the songs on the Leo’s Guitar EP.  Professional skills, authentic approach & style, and great ideas at the core of the songwriting…that’s what you’ll find, and plenty of it when it comes to Izzie’s Caravan.  “Lightnin’s-A-Howlin” also has a slightly alternative edge as well through the vocals, giving Izzie’s Caravan the additional advantage of real identity and uniqueness that’s bound to set this band apart from the rest in the genre and make this music being made, highly memorable for all.  In fact, I’d wager a bet that it’s that same exact uniqueness I’m referring to in Izzie’s Caravan that’s even got a guy like me on the outside of the Blues genre, finding my way to a seat on this bandwagon proudly.  I dig what I’m hearing here…it’s genuine…organic…real…and hella smooth to listen to, no joke.

Like all great singles should, “Lightnin’s-A-Howlin” also has full video support with a wickedly well-shot set of storyline-visuals comin’ atcha…dig on the colorization & effects used too, it’s all highly effective and another enticing gateway into checking out this new single from Izzie’s Caravan.  When it comes right down to it…almost everyone in the world is collectively feeling the Blues in some way, shape, or form right now…and being here venting it out & singing along with Izzie’s Caravan while I’ve been listening has been more than entertaining…it’s been downright therapeutic & full-on necessary at times!

Find out more about Izzie’s Caravan from the official homepage at:  https://izziescaravan.com

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