i.S. the WizARd – “1Day”

 i.S. the WizARd – “1Day”

i.S. the WizARd – “1Day” – Music Video Post

“1Day” you say?  Well…what are you doin’ right now i.S. the WizARd?  We’ve got time, you’ve got a microphone & a beat to work with…how are you gonna go and tease us all about what’s happening in the future when you’ve got our attention right here in the present?  I should try that method myself – let’s see if this actually works out…

“1Day” I might post up a video on our pages from i.S. the WizARd…

… …

… … …

Did that work?  Is the mere mention of posting as good as just doing the real thing?  Any takers?  No?

Alright fine then…I was just having a little fun with words this morning.  Anyhow.  Here’s the goods!

It’s fair to say that there’s more to the story of i.S. the WizARd, as he implies through his own words on his latest single called “1Day” – but if you’re listening closely, you’ll find he’s actually telling you more than you might think as well.  Relating his thoughts like flashes of memories, he’ll give you pieces of the puzzle that he is, without giving the full story away – you feel me?  That’s what he’s saying – he’s saying that “1Day,” he’ll have the time to fill you in on all the details of the triumphs & tribulations he’s gone through and the struggles he’s overcome to be the artist that he now is today – but right now, he’s got a whole heck of a lot goin’ on that’s keepin’ him plenty busy.  For one thing, it looks like he’s already been seriously active this year, with new singles like “Time,” “Sunrise,” & “Safe Haven” having been released in 2022 so far in addition to “1Day” – and word on the street is that the man’s workin’ on a brand-new album called The Journey in behind the scenes as well…lots goin’ on in the world of i.S. the WizARd right now.  So “1Day” it is!  We can wait for the rest of the details when it’s clear he’s workin’ hard on a whole bunch more music to keep ya entertained…and it’s probably safe to assume that the rest of The Journey will fill ya in on a lot of that information he’s alluding to within the words of “1Day” as he lays out more of the full story for ya.  In the meantime – until “ThatDay” arrives, enjoy the new video for “1Day” today, and check out a sample of what this emcee is bringing to the m-i-c as he continues to dominate the year.

Listen to more music by i.S. the WizARd at Spotify here:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/5tFaFUHd7NZlH0wUaI9u9c

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