SBS Podcast 139

Now this here is a moment to remember – and hopefully one of many times we’ll cross paths with artist Alyssa Grace as she conquers and crafts herself a full-on music career.  You don’t wanna miss this episode!  We’ll take ya through some of her history, some of the history we share together from our […]Read More

Galliano Sommavilla – Breathe

Galliano Sommavilla – Breathe – Album Review Hmmmm… You know…I’m not always the most observant dude in the universe, but from scanning the titles of this new Galliano Sommavilla record, I feel like I might be picking up on a theme here… Every so often out there in the scene you run into characters like […]Read More

Hanen – “Breathe”

Absolutely solid stuff from the screen to your speakers – Texas-born, LA-based artist Hanen has got a killer single on his hands with his brand-new cut called “Breathe” that is built for the right here & now.  A wicked fusion of style & sound in the music and a charismatic, versatile, and dynamic artist on […]Read More

YOVANNI – “Breathe”

YOVANNI – “Breathe” – Single Review Just like in music, the space that exists within words can often be quite revealing…if you’re looking or listening closely enough… Soulful singer YOVANNI’s got quite the story when you read it.  Arguably, you might even come to the conclusion that, had he not been fired from a job […]Read More

Erica James – “Breathe”

Erica James – “Breathe” – Music Video Release/Review Dig this!  The confident sound of Erica James on the mic! This fine entertainer & singer/songwriter has a bold sound that’s sure to take her places.  On her new video for the song “Breathe” from her Crave EP, Erica revitalizes this cut for right here & now, […]Read More