Desert Rain Project – “Sunshine”

 Desert Rain Project – “Sunshine”

Desert Rain Project doesn’t just work with a spark of inspiration on their latest single – they’ve got a whole ball of “Sunshine” to brighten-up your day!  A fantastic example of harmony, unity, and balance within a band – everyone involved in this five-player collaboration deserves a ton of credit for the tight performance and straight-up fun you’ll experience.  From the solid tone & energy that lead singer Chris brings to “Sunshine,” to the crisp beat provided by drummer Stephen, to the powerful crunch in the guitars coming from Markus – and what’s truly an essential ingredient to this song with Kaylee and Jemma on the backing vocals – Desert Rain Project reveals they’ve got all the right pieces of their puzzle in place, and they prove it to ya in the results of this remarkably catchy new single.  Filled with radiant vibes and uptempo grooves that are certain to bring a smile to your face & get your entire day flowing in the right direction, Desert Rain Project remind us there are plenty of reasons to celebrate and be thankful, even in the toughest of times – and that definitely gets a full salute from us over here at SBS.  We could all use a little “Sunshine” right now to say the least – and we’re stoked that it’s coming from such a passionate, enthusiastic, and fun-loving bunch like you’ll find in Desert Rain Project!  They’ve got their new single loaded up with rays of stunning sound that’ll head straight to your soul – check it out below!

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