Desert Rain Project – “Centre Of The Universe”

Sounding fantastic in a mix of melancholy & splendor – Desert Rain Project returns to our pages with a stellar new single/video just released, called “Centre Of The Universe” for you all to dig on.  We call it like we hear it over here at SBS, always have, always will – and what you’ll hear […]Read More

Desert Rain Project – “Sunshine”

Desert Rain Project doesn’t just work with a spark of inspiration on their latest single – they’ve got a whole ball of “Sunshine” to brighten-up your day!  A fantastic example of harmony, unity, and balance within a band – everyone involved in this five-player collaboration deserves a ton of credit for the tight performance and […]Read More

Desert Rain Project – “Free”

The resurrection is here! They say music is all about timing.  If that’s truly the case, you can’t really ever get upset or be discouraged if that first go-around doesn’t quite work out the way you hope it would, which was once the case for Desert Rain Project.  Years ago, they were rockin’ strong – […]Read More