Dawn Duchess – “J.u.i.c.e!”

Y’all know who’s got the “J.u.i.c.e!” – it’s none other than the notorious Dawn Duchess yo! She never stops hustlin’ and we’ve got mad respect for that.  Back on our pages for the fourth time this year, The Duchess is still building steam towards the end of 2019 with the release of her latest cut […]Read More

Dawn Duchess – “Everyday” Featuring Charles Massey

If you’ve been following along with our pages over the years, Dawn Duchess is a name you know well by now. And why is that exactly you ask? Because she’s doin’ this music thang “EVERYDAY” yo!  She don’t let up, she don’t stop, she don’t quit – she’s IN this 24/7 and The Duchess is […]Read More

Dawn Duchess

Dawn Duchess Interview SBS:  The notorious Dawn Duchess!  Welcome home my friend – it’s great to have you up on our pages once again.  We’ve been rockin’ solid with ya for about three years now…and according to what I know, you’ve been doin’ your thang for about eight-plus at this point.  What would you say […]Read More

Dawn Duchess – “Take No Loss”

Dawn Duchess – “Take No Loss” – Single Review She can’t “Take No Loss” – but c’mon people…you wouldn’t expect the infamous microphone boss Dawn Duchess to take an L now would ya?  She’s been out there commanding the stage & scene for a minute or two now at this point…if you’re up on your […]Read More

Dawn Duchess – “Already Made It”

The Duchess returns!  Show your respect & read the official word up! FINALLY! New Dawn Duchess Music is up with some visuals to go with the new track. A collaboration with 1 of Raleigh, North Carolina’s upcoming suproducers sets the tone for a brand new mixtape! “Already Made It” has a darker vibe with self […]Read More

Lalisa – “3 Da Hard Way” (Live Featuring Dawn Duchess

The chronicles of rapper Dawn Duchess continue…check out the latest info on what’s good homies! Recently a tribute to Females in HipHop went down in South Carolina @ the Annual Family Day Festival.  One of Columbia’s own talents, Lalisa, introduced the crowd to 2 more femcees during her live set of “3 Da Hard Way”!  […]Read More

Dawn Duchess – “Do It” (Live In ATL)

Word from the official desk of the Duchess… Female emcee, Dawn Duchess is making moves to light up stages all over the South! Last month the exuberant femcee showed up in ATL to kill a set at the Artisan Bar & Gallery. New hits from the recent B4iBreak project were played, and unreleased tracks like […]Read More

Dawn Duchess – B4iBreaK

Dawn Duchess brings us 10 Hot Original bangers in the new #B4iBreak Project!! Dawn Duchess changes the sound up with her brand new mixtape! Check out the trailer for #B4iBreak Dope New #FemaleRappers!! Be the next artist or band to have your latest song or video featured on our page at sleepingbagstudios by clicking here!Read More

Dawn Duchess – “Trap Life”

Dawn Duchess brings tons of confidence & swag to the mic on her latest single, “Trap Life.”  Plenty of reason for that confident sound too – she’s got wicked skills, solid material, a brand-new video and a new mixtape called B4iBreak about to drop tomorrow!  Pop some bottles and celebrate with Dawn Duchess while you […]Read More