Cary Shields – “In The Morning”

 Cary Shields – “In The Morning”

Cary Shields – “In The Morning” – Single Review

Don’t get me wrong…I was convinced we had something special in Cary Shields after listening to his single “Run Rabbit” earlier this summer – this new one, “In The Morning,” is simply more confirmation of what I was thinkin’ is all.  Cary’s got the magic…yes indeed…the kind of personality that was born for the spotlight, with a knack for makin’ music…seems like he just can’t help but crack the bat 100% of the time.  Guy’s makin’ like…Bluegrass-Pop/Soul a thing somehow – is that simply Americana?  Do we have a term or a label for that yet?  I’m lookin’ for a box to put Cary in…because that’s what us critics do, ain’t it?  As always, all I can tell ya for a certainty is what I’d wanna listen to myself…and once again, Cary’s come up with another brilliant cut that I can’t seem to get enough of…so here I am reviewin’ it for ya.

Quite honestly, I feel like it’d be way shorter to reveal a list of things I don’t like about this single, which is at a sum total of zero as far as my ears can tell.  I’m a big fan of artists that go all-in with what they create…I’m sure over the past decade or so of writing here at our pages, I’m made a million comments on behalf of the passionate & driven being the artists I wanna hear from the most.  My door is always open to a dude like Cary Shields, because this guy is the musical definition of what it sounds like to hear an artist that holds nothing back, and gives everything to every moment when the studio lights come on.  I mean…it COULD very well go long beyond that too…maybe this guy gets up “In The Morning” and pours himself a bowl of cereal with purpose…maybe he’s put dents into his remote control from changing channels like he means it…maybe he even breaks light-switches on the regular, because when he turns the lights in his house on or off, the dude like, REALLY means it – you know what I’m sayin’ folks?

Cary’s built from a different stock y’all…and ultimately, it’s that same larger-than-life personality that’s going to lead him straight to longevity & a lifetime of making music, “In The Morning,” or any time that he wants to.  Passion is something you can’t mistake for anything else when it comes to listening to music – you can hear a lot of great tunes written without it…people that have the gift when it comes to songwriting, and none of the execution that comes along with it to bring those words to life.  Cary’s the complete opposite in that regard – he pens a fantastic tune to begin with, but it’s the execution and the way he performs like his life depends on each moment he spends at the microphone, that pushes his tunes straight over the top…he makes things as exciting & endearing as they are entertaining.  I mean, the reality is, “In The Morning” is a banjo-led tune, rooted in genres I usually have no business being in, and he’s even got handclaps goin’ on in this single…and I’m STILL like, heck yeah, this is awesome!  That’s the effect of not just incredible songwriting, but passion that extends from the pen to the performance – you following me?  Shields has talents you could only wish that every single artist or band on your playlist possessed…and ultimately, his best asset is hearing how naturally this whole music thing comes to him…listening to a single like “In The Morning,” you can’t help but hear how much he truly belongs at the top of your playlists, and deserves to be a household name for the efforts he puts in.

Insightful lyricism?  Check.  Personality?  Double-check – it’s off the charts.  Fun, humor, cleverness – check, check, check.  Flawless musicianship & vocals?  Yep…you’ll find that’s the case here as well.  Rad video to go along with it too?  Yessir, indeed.  You get to see the magic happen right there in real-time as “In The Morning” comes together, and I can promise ya, it’s just like you thought it was happening.  Cary’s having fun in the studio, but also relentlessly professional…and yep, he looks like he could do this all day, every day, regardless of whether it’s “In The Morning,” in the evening, or anywhere in between.

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