Cary Shields – “In The Morning”

Cary Shields – “In The Morning” – Single Review Don’t get me wrong…I was convinced we had something special in Cary Shields after listening to his single “Run Rabbit” earlier this summer – this new one, “In The Morning,” is simply more confirmation of what I was thinkin’ is all.  Cary’s got the magic…yes indeed…the […]Read More

Cary Shields – “Run Rabbit”

Cary Shields – “Run Rabbit” – Single Review I can dig it.  I mean…if a picture says 1000 words, this one screams & shouts’em, wouldn’t you say? Somewhere in the realm of Americana/Folk/Bluegrass…you’ll find this dude thriving pretty damn hard when it comes right down to it – Cary Shields does what he does real […]Read More