Big Bus Dream – “Operator”

 Big Bus Dream – “Operator”

Big Bus Dream – “Operator” – Music Video Post

You have the edge…you see it coming.  I wish I did…I do not.

I freakin’ love that line…it’s so…matter of fact, direct, and grounded.  All-in-all, it’s one of many lines in this tune by Big Bus Dream that stand out – “Operator” is a really well-crafted and quirky Alt-Folk cut.  Mike Shannon, the engine that keeps the Big Bus Dream running so smoothly and has been since around 2006…there’s just something really magical about this guy…he’s got an inherent dusty charm & grizzled wisdom to his words in the way he whisper-sings his way through this single that makes it genuinely sound like we should all be paying attention to what this guy has to say, lest we miss out on some advice for the ages…

According to what I’ve read and what I’ve seen in the words of the shiny new lyric-video supporting “Operator,” this tune is largely about being down at the bottom end of your luck and, at the very least, attempting to track down God in a few different ways to get some answers about what the heck is goin’ on and why.  From the silky vibes of the bass-lines, the atmospheric keys in the mix & welcoming guitars, to the impressive authenticity that Mike brings to his words through the way he’s chosen to sing this track, “Operator” stands out like a great single should, even through what’s clearly quite delicate means.  On the brink of despair and searching for answers, trying to navigate away from the tacky televangelists carnival-barking their way into wallets worldwide, and find the actual information he’s seeking out that could potentially exist somewhere out there in the universe, wherever God might be chillin’ out – Big Bus Dream’s “Operator” is a hybrid melodic trip through insightful & sincerely engaging entertainment.

The contrast in this cut works wonders, and reveals a ton of thought being put into each word.  Even though Mike’s wearily searching desperately for some kind of inspiration, wherever it may come from – when it comes to the music he’s making and this very tune right here, Big Bus Dream is sounding mighty inspired, creative, and compelling.  “Operator” comes from the brand-new album Giant In My Mind released this year by Big Bus Dream – make sure to find out more at the official homepage, right here:

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