Aria – “A Christmas Letter”

 Aria – “A Christmas Letter”

ARIA – “A Christmas Letter” – Single Review

Ohhhh if you’ve been reading our pages for this past decade around this time of year, you know exactly what I’m gonna say about this yuletide tune right here now don’t ya?  It is what it is!  Surprise!  Who would have thought, right?  There’s never been a great one, but there’s never been a bad one either.

I’ve never made it any kind of secret…Christmas cuts are not my jam…there’s just not enough room for any kind of real critique is all.  Maybe there will be a day sometime in the future where someone sends me one that’s outright terrible, but that’s not the case today, and that’s never been the case so far.  Nope!  They might never be my choice of what I’d listen to personally, but that doesn’t stop the quality from being consistently pleasant, inviting, warm, and sweet…the exact things most of associate with the season & all.  Like I said, it is what it is…people love these songs, and as a result, artists keep on making them.  So if you’ve been waiting patiently all year long until after Halloween for your month’s worth of music to finally come around, congratulations it has arrived – ARIA has officially cracked the seal on this year’s seasonal sounds with what I’d readily admit is one of the better Christmas song’s I’ve ever heard.

Lots of great reasons as to why that is.  First & foremost, I think a ton of the credit needs to go directly to singer Sherita O’s sensational voice and spectacular performance – she’s genuinely put the heart into this song and what we hear, and I’m 100% impressed with her vocals.  Sherita gives “A Christmas Letter” the angelic touch when it’s needed, that hint of R&B/Soul too…she’s the total package, and an early gift for your ears this year.  The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra is wonderful too…I mean…I just don’t really think you’d end up in the whole ‘philharmonic orchestra’ racket unless you really had the chops to do it in the first place, you know?  So no surprise there in the sense that they don’t let us down, and deliver a truly professional performance that perfectly adheres to the composition that ARIA has created for this song.  You probably remember that name from earlier this year when I wrote up a review on two of ARIA’s singles called “The Next Life” and “Lady In White.”  He’s an artist that definitely knows what he’s doing and how to get the real essence out of the sentiment, message, and material he creates – so again, no massive surprise that he’s done another exceptional job here, even on a *shudder* Christmas tune.  I will forever be the Grinch of every yuletide tune, but I’ll admit, this one is pretty hard to resist.

The bass-lines are fantastic, the flute is essential…the beat & the bells all fit…it’s really well-executed overall, and I’d imagine that ARIA is 100% stoked on how this all came out in the end.  I can only wonder what life would be like for a composer…but it’s gotta be pretty special when you find the right team like he has here to help bring his vision to fruition.  The piano is straight-up gorgeous – it’s a beautiful song, I ain’t gonna lie to ya.  Maybe my heart has grown three-sizes since I started listening to it, I don’t know and I don’t have a tape-measure handy to confirm that for ya…so you’ll just have to take my word for it, “A Christmas Letter” is about as good or great as a holiday tune could potentially ever be.  I’ve already told ya where I stand on seasonal cuts, so you know I’ve got no reason to do anything other than shoot it to ya straight – “A Christmas Letter” actually stands a remarkable chance of becoming one of those timeless classics you’ll hear year after year.  Not sure I can think of a better compliment that could be said than that when it comes to art & music…ARIA’s done a wonderful job of bringing Christmas to your speakers this season, and I’m absolutely sure there’s a whole bunch of you out there that can’t wait to hear it.  You know who you are.  Your friends know who you are too.  You’re the Christmas-obsessed crowd that are always waiting for the new holiday tune to play loud & proud.  Well…here you are you lucky people you, your moment has come, and ARIA has indeed supplied.  Enjoy – and happy holidays.

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