SBS Podcast 152

Come get yourself a dose of some sonic diversity gathered from the incredible independent music scene we share!  We’ve got features on the new music happening with ARIA, Second Choice, Sweet Lily Love, Link&Chain, Kayola, and Grass Wolf in the mix today, in addition to tunes from Happy Ghosts featuring Kimberly Steele, Blue Soul Ten […]Read More

ARIA – “The Next Life” / “Lady In White”

ARIA – “The Next Life” / “Lady In White” – Singles Review According to the map on the ol’ social media pages, it appears we’ve got ARIA coming to our Canadian-based site all the way from San Remo in Italy, bringing a worldly wisdom & perspective to you all today – let’s check this out! […]Read More

Shadows & Mirrors – Aria

Shadows & Mirrors – Aria – Album Review Ahhh yeah, some of that good ol’ reliable darkwave industrial-electro music – I’ve always got time for this kind of stuff.  Ever since ordering Nine Inch Nails’ Pretty Hate Machine on cassette back in the day – the dynamics of this genre’s style have always pulled me […]Read More