Aria – “A Christmas Letter”

ARIA – “A Christmas Letter” – Single Review Ohhhh if you’ve been reading our pages for this past decade around this time of year, you know exactly what I’m gonna say about this yuletide tune right here now don’t ya?  It is what it is!  Surprise!  Who would have thought, right?  There’s never been a […]Read More

SBS Podcast 152

Come get yourself a dose of some sonic diversity gathered from the incredible independent music scene we share!  We’ve got features on the new music happening with ARIA, Second Choice, Sweet Lily Love, Link&Chain, Kayola, and Grass Wolf in the mix today, in addition to tunes from Happy Ghosts featuring Kimberly Steele, Blue Soul Ten […]Read More

ARIA – “The Next Life” / “Lady In White”

ARIA – “The Next Life” / “Lady In White” – Singles Review According to the map on the ol’ social media pages, it appears we’ve got ARIA coming to our Canadian-based site all the way from San Remo in Italy, bringing a worldly wisdom & perspective to you all today – let’s check this out! […]Read More

Shadows & Mirrors – Aria

Shadows & Mirrors – Aria – Album Review Ahhh yeah, some of that good ol’ reliable darkwave industrial-electro music – I’ve always got time for this kind of stuff.  Ever since ordering Nine Inch Nails’ Pretty Hate Machine on cassette back in the day – the dynamics of this genre’s style have always pulled me […]Read More