Angelo Nicola Giuliano – “A Peaceful Day”

 Angelo Nicola Giuliano – “A Peaceful Day”

Angelo Nicola Giuliano – “A Peaceful Day” – Single Review

Earlier this year, back around the end of August, I was introduced to the music of composer Angelo Nicola Giuliano…and hopefully, through a couple of reviews I wrote on his singles “Dance Of The Flowers” & “On The Hill,” I in turn, introduced his music to a few of you out there as well.  Because at the end of the day, this is one very gifted man when it comes to his musicianship & piano melodies; in the instrumental realm, he’s right up there with some of my recent favorites like Galliano Sommavilla and Glenn Murawski – Angelo’s able to find really unique moments of beautiful sincerity in his music.  Highly active too – in his first two years of releasing songs professionally online, you’ll already find that Giuliano has built quite the impressive catalog…one of those artists where, you really can’t lose by pushing play on any of his tunes – this new one, “A Peaceful Day,” certainly included in that assessment.

On a compositional level, “A Peaceful Day” is another extraordinarily exquisite gem, filled with beautiful melody and moving emotion that flows fluidly throughout the notes & tones you’ll hear on the surface – which is where the magic is.  Underneath the surface, I have a few concerns when it comes to this particular cut in the production aspect…you can really hear Angelo hittin’ these piano keys on this song in comparison to the singles I’ve heard in the past…it’s always kind of been a noticeable thing, but it’s a bit more pronounced here in the space of “A Peaceful Day” – and honestly, that might be a disadvantage for him this time around.  I’m of two minds about it really…the audiophile in me would get caught listening to the tapping of the keys on the piano and find it interesting that it kind of adds in this unique percussive element into the atmosphere of “A Peaceful Day,” whether intentional, or not.  Then other times, I’d be trying to focus harder on the melody as I’m supposed to be, and I felt I had a tougher time breaking away from what’s almost like a typewriter effect in the background.  So…I suppose my advice here becomes pretty simple & we know what that next phase is for Angelo when it comes to the evolution of his music over these years to follow…it’s all about resolving whatever causes that issue to become more noticeable than it should be.  It could be microphone distance, it could be something that could be done in production – but the mission is clear – these melodies he creates, need that clarity for us to be able to get to the heart of the sweetness & sincerity he’s so gifted at threading into the fabric of his material.  Experiment my brother…move microphones, try different settings in the programs & whatnot…it’ll be well worth the time spent and help songs like “A Peaceful Day” reach the full potential they have & the audience they deserve.  Even just really taking a long listen to the song at different volumes will reveal different things that’ll guide him forward from here; at a low volume, everything I’ve cited about “A Peaceful Day” that sounds like it could be possibly be an obstacle, is nearly completely absent altogether – but the higher you go with the volume, the more you’ll notice that tapping of the keys in the background.  There’s definitely no question about the stunning ideas or the many capabilities of Angelo Nicola Giuliano…he’s got a remarkable skillset & perspective on instrumental music that has no problem at all connecting quickly with the hearts & minds who listen…all that checks out perfectly – now, it’s all about refining his entire sound to the brightest sparkle & shine that’ll suit his melodies most.

Like I always say around these pages of ours, it’s the ideas that matter most – and Angelo has plenty of’em.  The rest is all the back & forth tweaking of the dials & knobs on studio boards & computer programs…and all that can get sorted out over time – the real question is always the same: do we, or do we not hear that reason to continue…to make the journey in refining those talents worth the taking – and in Angelo’s case, we absolutely hear that reason to keep on the path he’s on, every time.  “A Peaceful Day” is really fundamentally no better and no worse than anything the man has ever done, or at least that I’ve personally heard so far – he’s a consistently creative composer that knows exactly how to write a quality melody and I doubt he’ll ever waver in that regard.  Everything you’ll hear in the piano he’s playing on “A Peaceful Day” proves & confirms he’s got a connection to the instrument that’s every bit as strong as they come…and ultimately, that’s gonna lead him in the right direction for the future to follow.  As it stands right now, I can’t really imagine anyone out there not finding the serenity they’re seeking out through the melody of “A Peaceful Day” – Angelo’s music is always going to make a genuine impact on listening ears through the profound connection he has with emotion, piano, and songwriting.

I might hear this, I might hear that…I’m a critic, and it’s kinda what my role in this universe is…I’ll readily admit it – we’re all nitpickers when it comes right down to it, and especially me – I’m super greedy when it comes to the music I listen to and the desire for every artist & band I stumble across to reach their full potential.  Angelo Nicola Giuliano sounds great enough as it is already – all I’m saying is, over these next years to come, you watch & listen how that continues to evolve; he’s got the writing & composition down to a science…once the production values rise up to meet that extraordinary talent he’s got, I’m tellin’ ya…he’ll be in for an all-new set of groundbreaking highlights as he surges into his prime.  Gently surges, of course…the man’s a master of the delicate musical-arts…”A Peaceful Day” is another stellar example of the sincerity Angelo brings to his writing, and how quickly it connects straight to your heart.

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