Angelo Nicola Giuliano – “Dance Of The Flowers”

 Angelo Nicola Giuliano – “Dance Of The Flowers”

Angelo Nicola Giuliano – “Dance Of The Flowers” – Single Review

While there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind about how much I enjoyed listening to Angelo Nicola Giuliano’s last single “On The Hill” after reading the review I wrote – I’m not gonna lie to ya folks – I like this new one that much more.  I’m always gonna have time for a piano-based tune, as I’m sure I mention just about every time – but THIS piano-tune, I’d make EXTRA time for…it’s that stunning, and that gorgeous.

I wasn’t entirely sure what I was in for based on the title.  A lot of people associate that with a piece from The Nutcracker Suite, but it’s more typically known as “Waltz Of The Flowers” – as far as I can tell, this is unrelated to Angelo’s “Dance Of The Flowers.”  If anything, it probably bears more resemblance to a Beethoven composition than it would Tchaikovsky…but I’m still far less versed in the realm of classical music than I am in most genres if I’m being honest with ya…your opinion might be different than mine.

What’s undeniable is the amount of mystique & magic that Giuliano has created in the magic of this melody & music he’s playin’ – “Dance Of The Flowers” is one extraordinarily exquisite instrumental gem, and there’s no other conclusion that could rightly be drawn to.  It’s almost as if Angelo’s playing all the right notes – not just the ones that form the song, but the ones you truly want to hear – and as a result, he’s come up with a genuinely mesmerizing display of haunting emotion & beautiful melody combined.

Now…whether it’s intentional or not, I do not know – but the reality is, there’s a ton of ambience in this track that we can hear.  You can hear the tapping of…what’s probably the foot pedal if I’m not mistaken, but it could be the tapping of the keys as well I suppose – I’m not entirely sure to be truthful – all I can tell ya is that, whereby in most situations I would think something like this would potentially be a distraction from the rest, in the case of “Dance Of The Flowers” is actually enhances the overall vibe of the atmosphere, and really contributes to the song in a righteously cool way you pretty much couldn’t duplicate.  So if it was all on purpose – fantastic!  If it wasn’t, it’s one of the many happy accidents we experience in making music that can make things better for the listener, even if it’s all unintentional.

Only the chef ever knows what goes into the sauce & why folks – you’ll have to ask Angelo what he’s put into it one day if you really wanna know.

All I know for certain is this – “Dance Of The Flowers” is undeniably gorgeous – and we can all agree on that right?  Angelo’s done a wonderful job once again in creating a powerful piece that stands out – there’s much more melancholy inside the emotional thread of “Dance Of The Flowers” than we experienced in “On The Hill” earlier this month – but for myself personally, that’s certainly why I ended up feeling even more attached to this latest single.  Melancholy might not even be the best word for the sound you’ll hear – it’s more like ‘curious’ – that’s just not a word as many people associate as quickly with the music they listen to, but I can guarantee that’s exactly what you’ll hear in the atmosphere & aura of this delicate gem.  “Dance Of The Flowers” would definitely be up there easily with my favorite instrumental tracks of the year – I think the melody & musicianship are truly that impressive – but if I’m being 100% real with ya…if Angelo were to have polished this up just a little more, and somehow taken that ambience in the atmosphere away…I really don’t know if I would have felt quite as strongly about it overall – to me, that’s a large part of what makes the music of “Dance Of The Flowers” go from seriously great, to absolutely mesmerizing, enchanting, and essential to your instrumental playlists in 2021, 100%.

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