Angelo Nicola Giuliano – “On The Hill”

 Angelo Nicola Giuliano – “On The Hill”

Angelo Nicola Giuliano – “On The Hill” – Single Review

Alright…so.  To be as fair and objective as I can possibly be right across the board…or at least as transparent & honest as I can…it’d be extremely rare, if ever, that you’ll find me complaining about a solo piano song coming my way.  It’s just not how I’m built!  Whether that was from growing up in a household where the piano would probably wake me up before my alarm clock even had a chance and my father playing downstairs in his daily practicing and my addiction to the piano as an instrument is environmentally-based, or it’s all as simple as the piano being the most beautiful instrument that people play – either way, I can tell ya for a fact it’s always a completely welcome sound in these ears of mine.

What I’m tellin’ ya, is that if you’re out there rockin’ a piano on your own, despite my different personal taste when it comes to music, you probably actually have the advantage on everyone else featured here.  As I’ve long claimed to be, I’m a melody guy first & foremost – and correct me if I’m wrong, but it almost takes more effort to hit the keys in an odious way than it would be to generate something beautiful, even by accident!  So yep – piano tunes are always going to be something I look forward to listening to.

All this previous experience I’ve had from listening to everything from the piano of Mozart & Beethoven to the keyboards of Nine Inch Nails or samples used by Aphex Twin in the modern day – it all plays a significant role over time.  I can put on a track like “On The Hill” by Italian artist Angelo Nicola Giuliano and not only appreciate the gorgeous, wonder-filled sound that I hear, but the technique of which its played as well…which in this particular case, is exceptional all-around.  We tend to get caught up in talking about how ‘it’s not what you play, but how you play it’ – which is true in just about everything we play as instruments, but perhaps even more-so when it comes to the piano.  I can hear that Angelo has an incredible feel for the ivory…listen to the precise way he plays each and every note…I swear if you close your eyes, you can actually see just how he’s pushing these keys right there in your mind.  He’s clearly got passion, he’s got technique…Angelo obviously has an in-depth understanding of the piano and the emotion it’s capable of inside & out, and knows exactly how to transmit its evocative potential straight into our souls with his mastery of melody as well.  The man knows his composition & he knows exactly how to move hearts & minds with the music he’s making – “On The Hill” is a truly stunning gem.

While it’s fair to say at 2:30 in length, you really do only get a short dose of the fantastic sensory sound that Angelo can create – he’s also ensured there’s not a moment wasted along the way, and gives you every reason to return & repeat his brand-new single.  Exquisite, immaculate, and filled with light, love, hope, and possibility – “On The Hill” flows gracefully as it swells with melody, and transitions perfectly when the energy dials back for the more low-key & sincere moments as well.  With it just being the piano we hear, there’s no part of “On The Hill” that ever feels puffed-up or overstuffed – Angelo’s wisely given this song everything it needs to have…and much credit to his talents once again, it’s because he’s got such impressive technique & heartfelt tone that we don’t need anything else than just him playing for us.  “On The Hill” is mesmerizing, enchanting, endearing, and still equally bold & compelling as well – it’s intricate & delicately played for sure, but make no mistake folks – it’s a melody impeccably designed, and it’s a song that’ll certainly make a lasting impact on those out there listening.  From what I can tell, it looks like Angelo’s been having quite the breakout year over the course of 2020/2021 that has had him releasing several songs online, quite often inspired by nature & the world surrounding him.  “On The Hill” continues that trend spot-on, and delivers on a short, sweet, and sensory experience that’ll touch your heart every bit as much as it’ll tantalize your mind & ears as you listen.  Dude’s got a bright future in the world of piano-based instrumental music from what I can tell – you don’t get technique like he has overnight, that much I can tell ya 100%.  He’s playing like a seasoned professional at this point in his career, and thankfully, he’s chosen to share his talents with all of us listening-in from around the world.

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