Month: <span>June 2023</span>

LAZORE – “Just Another Day”

LAZORE – “Just Another Day” – Single Review Have yourself a year brother-man, go on! LAZORE has had no problem at all establishing his name in the game in 2023, and to be completely truthful with ya, it’s not at all tough to understand why that is.  Some folks are fortunate enough to possess a […]Read More

Digital Escort – “Dirty”

Digital Escort – “Dirty” – Single Review Well now…ain’t this interesting?  Who said that DE was dead? It’s only been about SIX YEARS since Digital Escort was kickin’ out a series of hardcore Industrial jams – and yes…you can count me among the folks that started to assume they’d packed it in as a band.  […]Read More

Bella Delle

Official Press Release Bella Delle Is Destined To Break The Internet With Her Brand-New Single – “My Love” Arrives 06/30! It’s absolutely rare, but some artists were genuinely born to change the game, and it’s a special magic that the world can see from day one.  Young Pop sensation Bella Delle fits the quintessential definition […]Read More

Dracliminal – “Summertime Sadness” (Drill Remix)

Dracliminal – “Summertime Sadness” (Drill Remix) – Single Review Call me crazy, but it just seemed like the most appropriate time to release this review was to wait until we were all officially in the summer season…because who doesn’t want a little sadness to go with the heat, am I right?  Producer Dracliminal has been […]Read More

Smoky Ghosts Of Big Trees – fin(n)

Smoky Ghosts Of Big Trees – fin(n) – Album Review Talk about a way to get people interested!  The way this record starts out with “Gunfight In Your Mind (2023 Album Mix)” is something else y’all, I tell ya.  I was beyond impressed with what could almost be described as a purposely excessive & dramatic […]Read More

Scarlet Jei Saoirse – “ISOLATION”

Scarlet Jei Saoirse – “ISOLATION” – Single Review I feel seen! And artist Scarlet Jei Saoirse should feel heard as well. Let’s be real here for a second or two, shall we?  This world is a seriously crazy place to live.  Doesn’t really matter which part of the map you’re from as far as I […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 172

On the latest episode of SBSLTW, we have the man, the myth, the legend – Garage T. Rashington III doing a video interview with us! Catch a whole bunch of questions with this enigma on this new show in our series, and make sure to stick around for a bonus live video from the recent […]Read More

James Keen – “Show Me What You Got”

James Keen – “Show Me What You Got” – Single Review Full disclosure, I find it pretty much impossible to hear the phrase “Show Me What You Got” and not instantly think about that legendary Ricky And Morty episode, where civilization basically had to put up or shut up once and for all.  Maybe that’s […]Read More

Avdrav – “Beautiful” / “First Sunset”

Avdrav – “Beautiful” / “First Sunset” – Singles Review Now…of course I’m gonna get behind this… You’ll always find me cheering on the experimental artists out there…and even more-so when it comes to digitalized or synthesized music…I suppose I just feel like there’s still a ton of unique terrain still to be mined within the […]Read More