Month: <span>January 2022</span>

SBS Podcast 143

An episode absolutely stocked with personality – multiple personalities at that!  Come check out an incredibly fun new interview special on the SBS Podcast this week as we dive into the music of Winchester 7 & The Runners to find out what they’re all about!  We’ll talk to the band directly like you’ve never heard’em […]Read More

January 2022 Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

Another year, another 365 days where this project we’ve been secretly putting out there onto the internet will likely be ignored entirely by the masses out there, right up to & including the people that even make the music!  As undeterred as ever, we are still here as we head towards our first full decade […]Read More

Jer @ SBS Presents 15/30 – 002: Not All Heroes

Jer @ SBS Presents 15/30 – 002: Not All Heroes Wear Capes – Some Chew Gum. To be as exact as possible, I was seventeen and the date was August 25th, 1997. Chances are, if you were a good friend of mine at the time, you remember that day very well.  Over the course of […]Read More

George Jacobs – “I’ll Be There”

George Jacobs – “I’ll Be There” – Music Video Post I dig the people out there like George Jacobs that make their music for altruistic purposes & the greater good of us all.  Reading about him from his main site, you can tell the man puts a ton of thought into his career from every […]Read More

thinkbendy – “Low Down”

thinkbendy – “Low Down” – Single Review Alright…I can get behind this.  Quite a bit about “Low Down” excites me greatly. Interesting stuff straight off the drop, the piano-led intro immediately tells ya that you’re in-store for something a lil’ different, and the trumpet that comes along with it soon after confirms it – you […]Read More

MrPoptagger – “Bottom”

MrPoptagger – “Bottom” – Music Video Post MrPoptagger comes “from the bottom, no light in the tunnel” – and he ain’t afraid of the darkness y’all.  He’s been to the “Bottom” before, and he knows he’s on his way to the top now; he’s been stackin’ up his “shoebox money,” and from what you can […]Read More

Jana Pochop – The Astronaut

Jana Pochop – The Astronaut – Album Review It’s the most wonderful time of the year – new Jana Pochop is here! Well…it’s CLOSE to here…right around the corner – The Astronaut technically comes out in February on the 4th, but that’s a heck of a lot less sleeps than it is until next Christmas, […]Read More

Omni Clutch – “Wizard”

Omni Clutch – “Wizard” – Music Video Post This dude right here…is on 100% solid ground y’all.  Omni Clutch could provide a virtual clinic on how to make a massive impact through a first impression, both audibly AND visually.  The work he’s put into this single & video for “Wizard” has been entirely noticed and […]Read More

nasmore – Singles

nasmore – Singles Review If you tuned into the latest episode of the SBS Podcast, you would have heard us spin Canadian-based artist nasmore’s single “Mind In A Maze” on the show, along with a bunch more of my thoughts on how this dude has been setting himself up for a lifelong adventure in the […]Read More

Duhon – Sorry Summer

Duhon – Sorry Summer – EP Review This guy! I believe…if I’m not mistaken…I first crossed paths with Duhon’s music somewhere back in 2020.  Who knows what I was writing about or what was goin’ on at the time…all that stuff gets fuzzy over the years – but I never forget the music or the […]Read More