MrPoptagger – “Bottom”

 MrPoptagger – “Bottom”

MrPoptagger – “Bottom” – Music Video Post

MrPoptagger comes “from the bottom, no light in the tunnel” – and he ain’t afraid of the darkness y’all.  He’s been to the “Bottom” before, and he knows he’s on his way to the top now; he’s been stackin’ up his “shoebox money,” and from what you can see in the video he’s got supporting his new single with all the bundles of cash flashin’ around everywhere…I’d say everything is working out just as it should be!

Trappin’ at full strength, “Bottom” hits every bit as hard with its beat as MrPoptagger swings with his lyrics – this is that “king shit” – pay attention!  For real – he’ll detail the blueprint of where he’s been to how he got to be where he’s at now…and with gripping conviction laced into every syllable he spits, you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the man is layin’ out the stone cold facts & experiences of his life unfiltered on the mic.  He’s got that natural persona & talent it takes to stand out from the rest of what’s out there – and from the work he’s put in over the past couple years in the grind makin’ that “Pandemic Money,” it’s clear that he doesn’t just have his eye set on being #1 – MrPoptagger is determined to change the game, and make a permanent impression on music’s history.

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