Omni Clutch – “Wizard”

 Omni Clutch – “Wizard”

Omni Clutch – “Wizard” – Music Video Post

This dude right here…is on 100% solid ground y’all.  Omni Clutch could provide a virtual clinic on how to make a massive impact through a first impression, both audibly AND visually.  The work he’s put into this single & video for “Wizard” has been entirely noticed and verifiably appreciated – yessir!  For a cut that’s just over the 2:30 mark, you’ll be outright amazed by how much Omni gets outta every ticking second.

LISTEN to that powerful rhythm & undeniable professionalism in his flow will ya?  There’s a reason he “feel like the G.O.A.T.” – and that’s clearly because the man possesses the talent that could easily earn him that title.  “Wizard” is a straight-up masterclass on how to go about Trappin’ RIGHT – the sheer level of crossover potential in this one tune alone speaks volumes about the skill of Omni Clutch – he’s bound to pull-in new fans from every corner of the Rap game and all the many sub-genres that come along with it if this is the level of talent he’s rockin’ mics with.  For real – there’s not a single moment of “Wizard” that is anything less than completely impressive from sight to sound, and you gotta dig just how much effort that an artist like OC is putting into taking his career to the next level.  Dude’s workin’ HARD y’all – you can HEAR the consistency he’s bringing to his music, you can SEE it in the video, and you can also tell from the steady string of releases he’s been dropping online since about 2019.  From there, OC makes moves like his debut record called Outbreak, which is where you can find “Wizard” in the eight-song set – and after that, he’s been shakin’ up stereos with new EPs, singles, collaborations – all that & more.  Right up to & including this year already – you can find Omni Clutch’s latest cut called “Can’t You See” has been released in 2022…the man’s puttin’ in the WORK, and I’m a believer that hustle like this guy’s got leads directly to success, however he chooses to define it.  I mean…he’s ALREADY lined-up with gold GRILLZ…if I had to hazard a guess, I’d tell ya Omni’s already experienced at least a little success by now as it stands…but there certainly ain’t anything wrong with a lil’ more, and I’m sure he’s ready for that.  If the sounds of “Wizard” and the quality of his video are any indication, he’s more than ready – Omni Clutch was clearly born & destined to entertain, and he proves that without a doubt on this single here.

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